Is there any such med who can affect the results of the pregnancy test?

Often a woman has had a pregnancy and they do prefer abortion. At times the use of certain meds can result in false pregnancy. In general, women do purchase Abortion Pills online and end the pregnancy. After having an abortion, women can accurately get the results of abortion with the help of pregnancy tests. There are certain meds that are used during the test then can get you the false results. This proves to be true as due to the increase in the level of hCG in urine or blood the test stands to be false. There are a number of meds that do affect the hCG hormones in the body and due to this, the pregnancy results get affected.

The following are the few things due to which the results of the pregnancy test get affected.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills that are used or the other contraceptive measures which are such as condoms do not have any effect on the results of the pregnancy test or blood test. These meds do not contain hCG hormones nor they change the hCG level in the body.  This can be possible only if the birth control pills fail to work and pregnancy occurs as a result.


Antibiotic is the one that is being used so that it can help the body to fight and prevent infection. This med doesn’t have any effect on the hCG, but these meds can have a negative effect on your birth control pills and can make them useless. Due to this the negative effect of the birth control pills there are chances that women can land problems such as unplanned pregnancy. Hence, while you are asked to make the use of antibiotics do consult the health care provider about the antibiotics and the use of the birth control pills. They help you to figure out some back up which can help to avoid the pregnancy.

Illegal drugs

The use of drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine doesn’t cause any effect on your pregnancy. This doesn’t have any effect on the pregnancy test.

Sometimes when the people are under the influence of illegal drugs and are high on it and you are likely not using the contraceptives and indulging in sexual activity, then you may land in a problem such as unplanned pregnancy.

Medicines that affect the pregnancy test

The only med which can cause false positive pregnancy test is the meds which do contain the hCG in them.

Most of the time such meds are used during infertility treatment. While such are the cases, doctors do advise women to avoid the pregnancy tests unless they get cleared out of the system. In order to avoid the false-positive test do make sure that you do follow the instructions which can help to deal with abortion.

What to do if you think that the results are wrong?

If you have done the tests too early, then there are chances that you can have a positive test. Unless the HCG level drops down women receive a positive test. Hence, after a few days you can again have the test and still, if it continues to show the positive test then the best method is to have an ultrasound test.

When women do have positive results she needs to have an ultrasound test to confirm and then she can order MTP kit online and get the pregnancy aborted.

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