5 evident symptoms that you are pregnant

When it comes to pregnancy, women must be aware of a few symptoms which indicate pregnancy. There are several symptoms few are major and lets women know that she is pregnant. Also, it can be said that this symptom is the one that lets women know that she is pregnant. When women do have unpleasant symptoms and once across pregnancy, she may decide to order Abortion Pills and for easy and safe termination of unwished pregnancy. But before she does make the use of the Abortion Pills she must know about the symptoms.

Following are the few symptoms which do indicate about the pregnancy

Missed periods

The first phase of the menstrual cycle brings about the changes in the female body and makes it capable of supporting the pregnancy. If there is no conception followed by ovulation, then the second phase of the menstrual cycle functions to disrupt the previous changes. This leads to the flushing of the uterus lining in the form of bleeding.

A missed period is one of the indications wherein no bleeding occurs and women can consider herself pregnant. There are many reasons behind missing pregnancy, but if you indulged in sexual activity, and then you can consider this as a sign of pregnancy.


Spotting or light bleeding is referred to the implantation bleeding and occurs only if the fertilized eggs attach to the thickened lining of the uterus. This is the first definite sign of the pregnancy, but the concept may take timeof10-14 days.  The color of the bleeding, which occurs during this time is lighter than the regular periods and slight discharge can be experienced by women.

Morning sickness and fatigue

The heightened level of estrogen and progesterone in the body causes the delayed release of abdominal contents and hence women may have a feeling of nausea and vomiting.  This may further lead to constipation. To reach this specific situation it takes two weeks after your fertilization.

Soar in the content of these hormones during a time reduces the blood pressure and the blood sugar level and this brings the fatigue feeling in women.

Physical changes

Hormonal changes in the body after the conception prepare it for nourishing the embryo after the delivery too. Women can experience changes such as the development of breasts, which makes them fuller and heavier and sensitive to touch. Tender breast is also considered as the first symptom of pregnancy.

Food aversion and cravings

Hormonal changes are sporadical during the first trimester and further, the most dramatic changes are being associated with women’s elevated senses and craving for caffeine and sour food.

The above-mentioned symptoms are indications of getting pregnant, but women must seek help from the professional and get confirmed about the pregnancy.

Once you confirm the pregnancy, you can buy online MTP kit and get the pregnancy terminated if you do not wish to continue with the pregnancy. Pregnancy tests at home are not reliable, hence it is recommended that you do have an ultrasound test to confirm the pregnancy and then decide whether to continue or not.

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