Know about the link of depression and infertility with abortion

When one is buying Abortion Pills women are asked to make the use of the Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills that help to end the pregnancy effectively. In a survey, it was concluded that 91% of women, those who opted to have abortions felt relieved due to getting out of this unplanned pregnancy. Abortion is a painful method, but women who take the decision firmly may not regret the decision.

Infertility and abortion

While women do opt to make use of Abortion Pills, they do have one of the important questions in mind which is-does the use of Abortion Pills cause infertility in women? The answer to this question is no. The use of Abortion Pills does cause a few side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, fever, and nausea. This side effect which does occur due to the use of Abortion Pills is temporary and does not have any effect on the health of women. As soon as the whole process gets completed, the side effects to go away. There are certain cases wherein the side effects get worse, but this can be treated with the help of health care providers.

Also, medical abortion does not have any effect on future pregnancies. Medical abortion does not have an impact on the fertility of women. If one has bought the Abortion Pills then they can check with the health care provider or can search for the online contents wherein they can come across that the Abortion Pills and fertility have nothing to do with each other. After the side effects of the Abortion Pills goes away women do remain as fertile as she was before using these pills for termination.

Abortion and depression

There is no such direct relation between abortion and depression. It has been found that women who do have a medical abortion feel relieved after going through the abortion process.

Pregnancy does affect the whole life of women and if the pregnancy is unwanted women are likely to face the problem of depression. When women do have an abortion, it is not the baby that makes the women abort the pregnancy, but it is the timing or situation which makes the women abort the pregnancy.

In an environment wherein the couple is not ready for the baby, it may bring a burden to the shoulder of the couples. Instead, the couple may wait for the right time and can groom their child and try the best parenting possible.

Some cases cannot be denied wherein women do feel depressed due to abortion.

Tips which can help to avoid depression after abortion
  • Speak to your health care provider about your abortion decision
  • Share your experience with your partner and do make sure that you do not hold your emotions.
  • Pamper yourself with the things that you love.
  • Before you do order online Mifepristone pill for abortion, know about the after-effects of the abortion on your body.
  • Be it depression or fertility, medical abortion does not have any effect on the health of the women.

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