When do you seek medical help while having an abortion?

Most of the people do have the misunderstanding that terminating an unwanted pregnancy means women do not wish to start a family. Many couples do make the use of online Abortion Pills and end up having an abortion and even after that, they do wish to start a family.

Abortion Pills are the best and affordable option which has helped women to deal with a problem such as unplanned pregnancy. Also, these pills do not have any effect on future pregnancies. Other than this it is necessary that women must know the method which helps to administrate the pills and helps to avoid the complications which can be faced in the future. Any carelessness if is done while undergoing a medical abortion, then health complications can arise. It is also important that women do know about a sexual activity that is to be avoided while having an abortion.

Following are some of the signs and symptoms which one should be aware of while the medical abortion process is carried out:

  1. Bleeding is one of the important symptoms which help women to know that abortion has started. But if women are bleeding heavily for more than 3 days, then she needs to seek help from the health care provider. Also, you need to ensure that you do avoid performing any of the physical activities or lifting weight soon after having an abortion.
  2. Seek medical attention in case if you observe the heavy bleeding accompanied by usually bigger blood clots.
  3. While women are having an abortion, it is common to have nausea also it is a sign of having a termination of pregnancy. If this side effect is accompanied by fever and if it doesn’t go away within 2 days, then women need to seek medical help to get them treated.
  4. After women do make the use of the prostaglandin pills, commonly, the uterus gets contracted and this happens so that the fetus can get dispelled from the body. Due to the contraction caused women do encounter cramps in the abdominal area and these cramps are intense as compared to menstruation. However, if the pain doesn’t vanish, then women need to seek medical help.
  5. If the signs of continued pregnancy are being experienced then women need to seek medical help to know whether she needs to again order MTP kit or she may have to go under surgical abortion. At times women do have an incomplete abortion and it is necessary that such pregnancies are being terminated under the supervision of health care providers.
  6. The other side effects of medical abortion are temporary and once the abortion process gets completed the side effects leave your body. In case if you encounter side effects for a prolonged period, then do seek help from the health care provider.

After having an abortion if you are planning to get pregnant, then you are asked to wait for 2-3months so that your body can recover from the trauma. To ensure that you do not have any compilations you need to seek medical help and the guidelines to have a medical abortion process.

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