What should women expect about menstruation after an abortion?

Menstruation cycle is the one which tells women that she is not pregnant and when it is delayed, then women are mostly in a panic situation. Medical abortion does not disturb your menstrual cycle and doesn’t have any effect on your regular menstrual cycle. There are a number of websites which does provide women with the various required details.

When women do take Abortion Pills online, none of the components have long term impact on the body. This means that the meds do not have any effect on menstruation. This also means that the meds do not have any effect on menstruation.

The myth about medical abortion and menstruation

When one does undergo the medical abortion process, it includes the cramps and vaginal bleeding. A lot of women misunderstand that bleeding is a part of the first menstruation after having an abortion.

However, when one does bleed during a medical abortion, it helps to remove the pregnancy particles from the body.  The first pill which is to be used is Mifepristone and this pill is responsible to stop the growth of the pregnancy. The second pill from the MTP kit online used contains prostaglandin elements and this med works so that the fetal tissues are being ejected from the body via vaginal bleeding.

Both the cases may appear to be similar and women need to understand that the bleeding which is being experienced during the medical abortion is heavy as compared to the bleeding that occurs during menstruation.

The expectation from the first period

The time taken by women’s bodies to get her first menstruation back can be different and it should not exceed more than 2-3 months. Before you do menstruate, you may come across slight bleeding, which is normal to observe.

Usually, a pregnancy termination takes around 2-6 days to get the whole process completed.  Most of the women take time about a week or two to get healed from the process of having an abortion. Hence, after this woman needs to have menstrual periods within the next 2 months.

Medical abortion does not have a direct or indirect effect on fertility or future pregnancy. Hence, women are asked to observe the regular menstrual periods, even though the process of the abortion gets completed.

If you wish to have sexual intercourse, then do make sure that you do make the use of the birth control pills or measures which can help to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

If you get into unprotected sexual intercourse after abortion, then do make sure that you do not have to face another unwanted health concern. To avoid such complications, women need to ensure that you do have protected sexual intercourse after having a medical abortion.

Women need to ensure that all the process is being followed properly so that it becomes easy to end the pregnancy and avoid complications.  Women need to make sure that the health care provider is being consulted before the pills for termination are being used. 

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