How should one make the use of the MTP kit to have an abortion?

Medical abortion is a simple process that helps to end the early pregnancy with the help of a combination of meds. Both these meds work in combination and help to end the process of pregnancy termination and hence it is necessary that one does, make sure that she does know about the whole process and then opts to continue with the process to have an abortion. When women do buy Abortion Pills, it is mandatory that the methods to use the meds should be known.

Administrating the pills

Mifepristone early pregnancy termination pill

While making the use of the MTP kit, women need to start with the Mifepristone 200mg pill and this Abortion Pill works so that the progesterone hormones can be blocked. This termination pill works on shedding the lining of the uterus and when the lining sheds the fetus gets detached from the uterus. Once you do administrate Mifepristone 200mg you need to wait for 24 hours and then proceed with the further process.

Misoprostol early pregnancy termination pill

While one does make the use of the Mifepristone 200mg from the MTP kit, you can administrate the secondary pill which is Misoprostol 200mcg after 24 hours. This Abortion Pill online works so that it can help to dilate the cervix and then contracts the uterus so that it becomes easy to expel the fetus from the body.

While administrating the Misoprostol pills from the MTP kit you can follow any of the ways from the below-mentioned methods


When this method is being prescribed one needs to place these Abortion Pills in the cheek pouches and then dissolve them in the mouth with the help of saliva. This Abortion Pill helps once get dissolved helps to contract the uterus and then dispels the fetus from the body.


While Misoprostol is being used from MTP kit vaginally then women need to place these pills deep inside the vagina. When these pills are administrated it works by dissolving the pills in the vagina and contracts the uterus to cause the pregnancy parts out of the body.

Heavy bleeding and cramping

After one does buy MTP kit, it is common to experience heavy bleeding and cramping and these symptoms of abortion do affect the women’s health depending upon the gestation period of the pregnancy.

Other than these women can also some other side effects of having an abortion, such as nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting and fever and these side effects do get worse and it becomes necessary to get the side effects treated.


There are chances that the complications may raise and hence it is necessary that certain measures are being followed

  • Women need to make sure that they do avoid the consumption of alcohol, grapefruit juice, and magnesium.
  • Also, women need to make sure that they do make the use of sanitary pads instead of tampons as the use of tampons can result in infection.
  • Women need to ensure that the diet is being followed properly as this is the best method that can help to recover soon from the abortion trauma.

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