Conceive at the right age with right precautions

The reproductive parts of women seem to be very simple, but in reality, they are quite complex. Speaking of the conception women must consider all the factors which affect pregnancy and pregnancy care. Women must plan pregnancy at the right age.

Following blog can help you understand the right age to start the planning

Before 20

During this time the body of the women is not as mature that it can bear the pregnancy. Women during this age are teens and can develop the risk of pre-eclampsia if they get pregnant and during this age, women are not strong enough to carry the baby.

Between 20-24

This is the age when women have good fertility and during this time women have higher chances of getting pregnant. Most women of this age fall under the learning phase or are pursuing a career due to which most of the women prefer to have an abortion. If one has an unwanted pregnancy during this time then they do order MTP kit and have a safe abortion at home.

Between the age of 25-29

There is no much effect on your fertility. During this age, women do feel settled and prepare themselves to start with a family. Gradually since a time, women do prefer to plan the family in early thirties rather than in the late twenties. Hence, during this age women do have an abortion, but not much.

Between the age of 30-35

During this age women either do prefer to plan a family or either to wish to have one more kid.  If some of the women are unsettled and wish to explore before marriage, then such women can avoid pregnancy. If you yet have not got the perfect partner and wish to grow your career then there are chances that women can prefer to have an abortion rather than continuing the pregnancy.

Between 35-39

During this age, fertility begins to decrease. Especially after the age of 37, there is a rapid decrease in the woman's reproductive system and also there are chances of having abnormal pregnancies. During this age, if you wish to have a pregnancy, then do make sure that you do seek proper help from the health care provider and can avoid the complications.

After the age of 40

By this time women do encounter menopause and hence the chances of getting the pregnancy are reduced to 5%. There are still chances that women can get pregnant during this age, but certain risks may get involved. In case if women wish to have pregnancies then she can start with the health care provider for the fertility treatment which can help women to even conceive during the forties.  Even though there are fewer chances, but still if you wish to conceive you can try.

Certain online stores to help you to buy online abortion pills and birth control pills which help in planning the pregnancy properly. This is one of the best methods which helps women to seek time and get the pregnancy planned.

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