Why is anal intercourse restricted after an abortion?

Women do plan early pregnancy termination with the help of medical abortion method. Women have to simply buy online Abortion Pills and at the same time have to follow the instructions and precautions which can help to get the pregnancy terminated.

Many times couples do come closer due to the process of medical abortion as this helps to relieve the stress and tension. Hence it is common for couples to crave for sexual intercourse after having an abortion. But the couple needs to make sure that such situations are being avoided. Women are asked to avoid sexual intercourse so that it can help to recover soon after having an abortion.

Following blog can help one to understand why it necessary to avoid the anal or sexual intercourse is:

Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit are the key contributors which help to abort the pregnancy and both these pills work the best so that it can help to end the pregnancy. The prostaglandin elements in the Abortion Pills are the best which help to expel the fetus from the body. This secondary pill works for the contracting the uterus lining so that the fetus can get dispelled from the body.

The shedding of the uterus lining is followed by the abdominal cramp. The bleeding gets heavier and intense while the fetus is about to get flushed out from the body. Also, depending upon the gestation period the bleeding can last for more than a week.

When women do undergo medical termination of pregnancy, the vagina becomes vulnerable due to heavy and continuous bleeding. In case if during this time if anything is inserted in the vagina then this can cause infection and increase the risk of having complications. 

When you have sexual intercourse, the penis is being inserted in the vagina and hence vagina becomes exposed to the bacterial infection and both partners can get affected due to the intercourse after abortion. 

If vaginal intercourse is not safe, then is anal intercourse safe?

Be it during, after or prior abortion women need to avoid anal intercourse. The anus lacks lubrication and anal tissues are more delicate as compared to the vagina. Also, the anus does have more bacteria due to which women are asked to strictly avoid any sort of sexual intercourse during, after or before an abortion.

In case even after knowing all the things if one does wish to indulge in any intercourse, then following instructions are to be followed:
  • While having sexual intercourse it is mandatory to make the use of the condoms
  • Make sure that woman is comfortable with the anal sex as after having an abortion she may feel tired due to abortion.
  • While inserting in anus do make sure that you do use lubricants

Usually, intercourse is not prescribed. Women those who order online MTP kit and have an abortion need to make sure that they do skip intercourse for a few days. If you follow the instructions which help to stay away from complications.

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