Understanding the difference between side effects and symptoms of abortion

Having an abortion seems to be easy, but it’s not that easy. Women do not need to worry when it comes to medical abortion as medical abortion is the best and trusted method which helps to end the pregnancy. The number of women do order Abortion Pills but fail to understand the difference between symptoms and the side effects of Abortion Pills. There is a huge difference between two and it is necessary that women must understand these two concepts clearly and properly

Process of abortion

Those women who are asked to have an abortion can prefer to make the use of MTP kit. This kit contains two pills which are essential and helps to get the pregnancy terminated easily. Women while using this kit are asked to follow the instructions as guided.

Women need to make the use of Mifepristone pill from the MTP kit first and then make the use of Misoprostol pills. These Abortion Pills are the best options as they help women to get the pregnancy terminated. The first pill, Mifepristone works on separating the fetus from the uterus so that the fetus can easily get dispelled from the body. The second pill, Misoprostol from the MTP kit works so that it can flush the fetus by causing contraction of the uterus and dilating the cervix.

Symptoms of abortion

Following are some symptoms of abortion.

Stomach cramps

After making the use of Abortion Pills it is common to experience stomach cramps. After making the use of the second pill from MTP kit it is common to have a stomach cramp. This pill causes a contraction in the uterus and due to this, the stomach cramps can be experienced by women.

Vaginal bleeding

After the use of Misoprostol, the body begins to prepare for dispelling the fetus. The uterus contracts and the fetus get dispelled in the form of bleeding. During this time the bleeding, which can be experienced is heavy and hence women are asked to take care during the time of the abortion. Initially, women may have to use 4 pads due to heavy bleeding. As the process gets completed women may have light bleeding and then it stops.

Side effects

The above mentioned are the symptoms of abortion and other than this one can experience side effects of the Abortion Pills. After making the use of MTP kit there are certain women who can have side effects of using this kit pills. The side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, and fever can be experienced. These side effects do not cause any damage to future pregnancies or fertility in women. At times the side effects can get worse and women may require medical treatment to get the side effects treated.

After you buy MTP kit and have an abortion, it is necessary that you must follow some instructions which help to deal with abortion.

Following instructions can help women to go easy with the process.

  • Consuming fluids
  • Eating light food
  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and smoke
  • Avoid to inserting anything in the vagina
  • Avoiding exercise or sexual activity
  • Consuming plenty of fruits and veggies

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