Things to expect after the administration of the Cytotec pills

With a boom in the medical field, there has been a boom in the meds and the technologies as well. The doctors do use new technologies to get the patient treated. One such method introduced to the women medical abortion. This is a method wherein women are being asked to order online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated easily and safely. Medical abortion method proves to be one of the best and effective methods which can be used by women to get the pregnancy terminated.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills are the widely used meds which can be used to get the pregnancy terminated.

Cytotec Dosage

Depending upon the single or combination of pills women are asked to increase either use the singular pills or combination of pills which help to get the pregnancy terminated. When only Cytotec pills are prescribed for us women need to increase the dose to 12 pills. In case if single pills are used women need to decrease the dose of the pills to 4 pills as well before this pill Mifepristone pill is to be administrated.


After making the use of Abortion Pills, bleeding is the symptom which helps women to know that the abortion of pregnancy is taking place. This pill works on shedding the lining of the uterus so that the fetus can get dispelled from the body.


Women those who make the use of the Abortion Pill can have cramping as the primary effect. After you do administrate this Abortion Pill women can have a contraction and this causes contraction due to which the bleeding and clotting can take place and this helps women to eject the fetus from the body.


Women those who order online Cytotec pill and have an abortion need to know about the side effects which can occur after the use of the pills for termination. Bleeding, cramping and clotting are some of the indications of the having an abortion and other than this some of the side effects of the Abortion Pill can also be experienced. The side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, and fever can be experienced by women.

Certainly women can have the side effects getting severe whereas certain women may not experience the severity of the disorder. Hence, in case if any of the side effects of the pill get worse than women are asked to seek medical help to get them treated.


Even though you do follow the instruction provided by a health care provider, measures are important things which should be followed by every woman.

  • Women need to make sure that they do restrict the use of the tampons and make the use of sanitary pads to avoid the risk of having a bacterial infection. 
  • Women also need to make sure that the use of alcohol, smoke and grapefruit juice as this stuff do interact with Cytotec pill and result in side effects. 
  • A healthy diet and plenty of fluids are to be consumed so that it can help women recover soon after having an abortion. 
  • Use of Magnesium with Cytotec can result in side effects and hence one needs to avoid the use of the magnesium while on Abortion Pill.

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