Mistakes that get you pregnant even after being on birth control pill

There are a number of people those who choose contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy. One of the most used methods is the birth control pill. The physician does estimate that these pills are 99.7% effective and help to get rid of the pregnancy. In case if you are not careful with the pill then there are chances that women can have an unplanned pregnancy.

Stated below are a few mistakes which can occur if women do fail to make use of the birth control pills properly

Irregular with the pills

The gap between each dose should not be more than 24 hours. Make sure that you do use the birth control pills daily at the same time. If you have begun the pill during the morning, then be constant and use it during the morning. To avoid creating the fluctuations daily as this can diminish the effectiveness of the pill. 

Missing more than two pills

As per the health care providers, most of the women do have an unplanned pregnancy and have to buy online Abortion Pills due to the irregular use of oral contraceptives. During the initial days, even missing one pill and indulging in sexual activity can result in an unplanned pregnancy. While these pills are administrated during the first week, these pills avert the egg from forming. In case if the pill is missed for a day under the supervision of health care provider you can use two pills for the second day. In case if you have missed the pills and have had sexual activity, then you can get pregnant. If you are a forgetful person then make sure that you do maintain a diary which can help you remember about the pills. One must know the method and benefits which can help to use oral birth control pills.

Diarrhea and vomiting

If you have consumed the pill and it has only been a few hours and you have had vomiting or diarrhea then there are chances that this pill may not have gotten absorbed in your body. Hence, if you have thrown up a few times a day then; it is necessary that one must avoid having unprotected sexual activity.

Unprotected sex immediately after using the tablet

After the 2nd or 5th day of the periods, women may start with the use of the pills.  If women do begin the contraceptive pills in the middle of the cycle, then they are asked to avoid intercourse for at least 7 days. Make sure that while you are not on the birth control pill your partner does use contraceptives such as condoms.

Pills are exposed to high temperatures

Oral pills which are used must not be exposed to the sunlight or high temperature. If you do carry these pills in your car then do make sure that you do not keep it near the window. After you purchase the pills make sure that you do use them within 6 months as the efficiency of the pills do reduce and you may land in pregnancy due to which you may have to order Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills online to end the pregnancy.

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