Why do women prefer Mifeprex and Cytotec in combination?

Women are happy with the news of pregnancy unless it is planned. When women do have unplanned pregnancy the first thing of checking the gestation period must be done. Women those who have a gestation period of fewer than 9 weeks or up to 9 weeks can simply buy Abortion Pills online and get the pregnancy terminated. Women need to make the effective use of the termination pills and should follow the instructions which are being given by a health care provider. 

The following blog would help you know about the effectiveness of the pills:

Where can women seek these pills for termination?

Women can get these pills for termination easily in the local stores which are nearby. There are also now e-pharmacies available which help women to get the pills delivered at home corners. Also, the e-pharmacies help women to get the pregnancy terminated easily. 

Consumption of Mifepristone and Cytotec pills

Both the pills which are used for termination have different ways to administrate the pills. While one pill which is Mifepristone is used orally with the glass of water the second pill is used either buccally or vaginally. Depending upon what your health care provider has guided, you can administrate the pills for termination.  But before you do administrate the pills make sure that you do maintain a gap of 24 hours between Mifeprex and Cytotec pills. 

Working of the Abortion Pills

While starting with the process women are asked to first administrate Mifeprex pill. This is an anti-progesterone pill which works so that the growth or development of the fetus can be blocked. Once the administration of the pills is done women need to wait for 24 hours and then make the use of the Cytotec pills. The pills which are used secondary are the pills which contain prostaglandin and this element works so that the uterus can get contracted. Once the uterus contracts the fetus gets dispelled from the body. 

Symptoms that show the pills are effective

  • Abdominal cramps- this can be experienced after 3-4 hours of using Cytotec pills. 
  • Vaginal bleeding- this can be experienced within 24 hours of using the secondary pills. 

This is the two important indicators which can help women to know that the abortion process has started. After the passing of the conceptions, women can simply have ultrasound tests which can help women to conclude the results of the abortion.

Side effects

The use of online Cytotec pills results in some of the temporary side effects. The side effects such as bleeding, cramping, headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can be experienced by women. Women may not need to seek treatment for these side effects until these side effects get worse or severe. Also, these side effects do occur in some women,  whereas may not occur in some women. In extreme cases, women are asked to make sure that they do seek help from the health care provider and get the side effects treated.

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