What to expect after abortion about periods?

Whenever women do experience a slight delay in menstruation period, they do panic. Usually, the tension is caused but the tension increases if such thing happens after the medical abortion. Many of the women do have a misunderstanding this the pills which are used for abortion do interrupt the menstrual cycle. When women do order online Abortion Pills, these pills do not have any long-term effect or even short-term effect on the health of the women.

Menstruation and medical abortion

When a woman undergoes a medical abortion, the process involves bleeding and vaginal cramping. There are a number of women, those who misunderstand the bleeding during abortion with the first menstrual cycle.

When women do undergo a medical abortion process the body removes the pregnancy tissues from the body. The Abortion Pills which are used stops the growth of the fetus and the second pill which is used helps to dispel the fetus in the form of bleeding.

Medical abortion as well as menstruation both does result in vaginal bleeding and appear to be same. Hence, women are asked not to get confused in both the terms.

When to expect the first periods?

After having a medical abortion, it takes around 2-6 days to complete the whole process. Most of the women do take time so that they can recover from the abortion process. Hence, after having medical abortion women can experience bleeding after 2 months.

The time is taken by women to get her first menstrual cycle after abortion do differ. However, some may take 2 months whereas some may take 3 months to get the menstruation back. Before women do have a menstrual cycle, it is common to experience light bleeding.

Most of the women also do have a misunderstanding that these Abortion Pills do cause infertility. The fertility and abortion have nothing to do and Abortion Pills which are used for abortion only to help to eject the fetus from the body and do not cause any issue. Medical abortion does not directly or indirectly cause any effect on fertility. Hence, after having a medical abortion, the menstruation process remains the same even after having an abortion with the ending the pregnancy.

After having abortion women, those who wish to have sexual intercourse are recommended to make the use of the contraceptives so that it can help them to avoid the pregnancy. Birth control pills are the best option which can help women to deal with pregnancy.

If after having abortion women do indulge in sexual activity, then there are chances of having another unwanted pregnancy. Two consecutive abortions in a month can lead to issues and hence women are asked to make the use of the birth control pills. Also, do ensure that you do not have unprotected sexual intercourse if you are not on birth control pills.

Periods after the first menstruation if do not occur within 2-3 months, then it is suggested that women do seek medical help from the health care provider. 

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