How to deal with bloating after having an abortion?

Women those who terminate the pregnancy had various reasons behind termination and for any women, it is not possible to experience abortion easily. Abortion has a physical and psychological effect and this makes the termination process very hard for women. You either opt for medical termination, or have a surgical termination both the process will make your body go through various changes. One of the changes that you will feel is bloating as the women who have an abortion can experience, they are getting swollen. 

The below-given information can help you to know about bloating and how to deal with it:


The abortion process is conducted to end the pregnancy and this can be performed in various ways, concluding spontaneous, induced, birth induction or dilation, curettage, and many others.

Medical abortion is a simple process which is being conducted with the help of pills and many of the women prefers to order MTP kit online so that they can terminate the pregnancy at home corners. These medicines help you to evict the fetus in the form of bleeding and clotting. While having a medical termination, you can also have anti-inflammatory pills so that it can help you to deal with the stomach cramps.

Bloating after the termination of pregnancy

Other than having stomach cramps some of the women may also experience bloating and swelling after the pregnancy is being terminated. There are the general symptoms which can be experienced by women and this symptom may last for 3 to 8 days. The bloating may begin and may last for one week after the procedure and the stomach may return to its original shape after one week. 
In case you have a fever, chills, excessive bleeding, intense cramping or tenderness accompanied by bloating, then you need to seek medical help as this is not normal as these symptoms sometimes indicate a larger problem.

Reasons which cause bloating

There are various reasons behind the termination, but the main reasons are pregnancy and bleeding hormones. Further the bloating can also be caused due to inactivity after the process, pain medicines, inadequate fluids, etc. Though abdominal swelling is something for which a person should not be worried, this can cause pain and discomfort. 

How to deal with the bloating of termination?

Some of the methods which can help you to deal with bloating are:
  1. Consuming peppermint tea so that it can help to relax the muscles
  2. Staying hydrated
  3. Chewing gas capsules to get rid of gas
  4. Recovering after abortion

If you have had a medical termination that it is necessary that after the abortion is done you take care of yourself. While terminating the pregnancy, you can lose excessive blood and this can last for a week or two. After using Misoprostol pill, you can experience serve to bleed until the fetus gets expelled and after that, you start recovering and the pain gets lessened. To speed up the recovery you are prescribed to follow a specific diet so that you can recover after an abortion. Besides all these things you need to make sure that you do go for an ultrasound test to conclude the rests of termination. 

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