Cytotec - A Sole Solution for Pregnancy Termination

Certain decisions over the health of a person can be traumatizing. The decision of abortion is one of those decisions. Abortion is performed either surgically in a clinic or medically at home. Nowadays women choose medical termination of pregnancy over surgical. This procedure is performed with the online Cytotec. This method is an effective way to terminate a pregnancy in its early days. Here we’ll discuss how this termination pill will help in pregnancy termination.

Cytotec is sold as a brand medicine for generic Misoprostol. This medicine can be used solely or in combination with Mifepristone. This medicine will help to terminate an undesired pregnancy in its early days i.e. within 10 weeks. This is proved as the most effective medicine in pregnancy termination.

How this Abortion Pill will work?

Cytotec is a secondary medicine in pregnancy termination. This is sold as a brand product for generic Misoprostol. As said earlier, this medicine is used in combination with anti-progesterone. This will end a pregnancy within 1 or 2 days after administration. Second medicine prostaglandin will remove this dead fetus from the uterus. This will cause loss of blood and uterine tissue during termination. This works by dilating the cervix and softening the uterine linings to expel the fetus.

How to take this termination pill?

A woman can use Cytotec either solely or in combination with other medicines. When you use this medicine in combination with another medicine, follow this medicine 1 or 2 days later after taking the first medicine. You can take this medicine either sublingually or vaginally. When you take this medicine sublingually keep this medicine in your mouth and allow it to dissolve for 30 minutes and then swallow them. You can use 2 pills at a time while taking these medicines sublingually. When you take this pill vaginally keep 4 pills inside your vagina and push them inside using a finger. Both this method of administration will give a successful result in pregnancy termination. However, doctors will suggest you take this termination pill vaginally as it directly interacts with a uterus.

What precautionary measures should be followed?

When you online buy Cytotec make sure to follow the following precautionary measures.

Before pill precautions:

Make sure to confirm your pregnancy and its type by performing the ultrasound test. If it’s the ectopic type of pregnancy avoids the use of this termination pill.

A woman may soak 3 to 4 sanitary pads a day. Make sure to keep a stock of sanitary pads.

Avoid the use of this pregnancy termination pill if you have any of the below mentioned medical condition.

  • Uterine rupture
  • Adrenal gland failure
  • Cardiac disease
  • Kidney disorder
  • A breathing problem

If you have any other medical condition, consult with your doctor before using Cytotec.

After pill precautions:

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes after taking this termination pill as these will interfere with the working of this termination pill.

Avoid excessive exercise, lifting heavy things, sexual intercourse, penetration, or use of tampons during the termination process.

Avoid eating heavy and fatty food, grapefruits, and drinking grapefruit juice when you take Cytotec.

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