Misconception regarding prevention of pregnancy

A misconception is a usual term which is known to everyone. It is not limited to, any field, but every topic has some or the other misconception related. When it comes to abortion, there is a list of misconceptions which can be heard by every person. When women do order online Abortion Pills the price of MTP kit or the other pills is not only the topic, but there are many other different things which women need to think about. Such as a form where to buy the Abortion Pills? How to use them? And what the process is to be followed to have a termination?

As such there are many of the online platforms wherein women can easily get access to the termination pills and also the use of the pills are almost similar. Online and offline pharmacist provide the women with a complete guide which helps women to know about the process of the termination and other information so that it can help women to diminish the misconception that is surrounding.

There is a list of misconception but the following are the most common one:

The menstrual period is a safe period to have sexual intercourse

This is a general myth which is being here with most of the women. Some researchers have concluded that having a safe period during the specified time is safe, but most of the time it is not achievable. The timing of menstruation is not of any concern.

Pregnancy takes place when a sperm fertilizes an egg and further this leads to injecting the same sperm to the uterus. Ovulation process starts by releasing the egg from the ovary within 2 weeks or period after the first day of the menstrual cycle. The time when the egg gets released from the ovary may vary. 

Some women do ovulate as fast as on the 10th day, whereas some do ovulate after the 18th day and this is normal. Sperms do stay active in the body for 5 days and fertilize the egg which is available.

Women are suggested to make the use of contraceptive pills so that it helps to avoid the pregnancy rather than counting days of menstruation.

The misconception about ejaculation

Many of the people do have a wrong misconception regarding that the pregnancy only takes place if the male partner has ejaculated. On the contrary, even pre-ejaculation can lead to pregnancy. The pre-ejaculation fluid Is not made up of sperm. But can take out the sperm which is surrounded inside the male system of the reproductive organ. There is a low risk of having a pregnancy, but there are chances of having pregnancy even if the ejaculation doesn’t happen.

Controlling ejaculation is a difficult task and under the agenda of a male partner, hence, women are suggested to make use of the contraceptive pills. Even if the pregnancy occurs women can buy Cytotec pill and have terminated with Even though you can get rid of pregnancy with Abortion Pills you are suggested to make the use of the contraceptive pills.

Contraception is reliable

This is not a misconception but can sure happen due to accidents. Contraceptives are completely reliable but in case any incident happens then there are chances that women may be pregnant. All this completely depends on the type of contraceptive.

Misusing the contraceptives leads to the reason for failure. At times women do accidentally misuse the contraceptive and this adds a lot of risks. For example, if you have not properly used a condom then there are chances that women can have a pregnancy.

Hence it is necessary that women do make sure that she does take all the measures from her side so that it can help them to get rid of the pregnancy.

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