How did the FDA help women by changing the doses of Mifepristone?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase, but if it is an unplanned pregnancy, then it is said to be difficult. Many of the women have to deal with this unplanned pregnancy and also sometimes it becomes difficult to carry the pregnancy and deal with the chores for some women. Women those who have unplanned pregnancy can safely buy cheap Abortion Pills and terminate the pregnancy. These pills have been approved by FDA but there have been updates in the doses of Mifepristone which have relieved the tension of the women.

Mifepristone Abortion Pill

Mifepristone is a pregnancy termination pill which contains anti-progesterone hormones so that it can induce abortion. This medicine is used in combination with Misoprostol so that it can help women to get the pregnancy terminated. This medicine helps women to get the successful results of termination due to the use of a combination of pills.

Mifepristone if is used along with Misoprostol then women are prescribed to use 1 pill of the anti-progesterone pill and 4 pills of prostaglandin pill. This medicine when is used in combination helps to dispel the fetus smoothly.

If Mifepristone is being used alone than women are prescribed to use 3 pills of this Abortion Pill so that it can help them to get the pregnancy terminated.

Working of the pills

Anti-progesterone pill

This medicine works by blocking the progesterone hormones in the body. When you administrate Mifepristone pill, it helps to block the pregnancy parts and this medicine is the best option which helps to separate the fetus from the uterus.


This is a pill which is to be used after using the anti-progesterone pill. This medicine works by contracting the uterus so that the fetus can get flushed from the body.

Changes made by the FDA

During the initial stage, women were suggested to order Mifepristone online, but the dose was 600mg due to which women have had to visit the clinics to seek the confirmation of the termination. But after the alterations were done by FDA women are suggested to use 200mg Mifeprex followed by 200mcg 4 pills of Cytotec or Misoprostol. 

Also initially this medicine was prescribed to terminate the pregnancy gestation of up to 49 days later the women were suggested to use this medicine for the gestation period of up to 70 days. Also, women were asked to visit the health care provider after 3 days of using the Abortion Pills and then after 14 days of the administrating pills. But now FDA had updated all the information and women now is required to visit the health care provider only after 14 days of administration.

Risks involved

Common side effects which can be experienced after using this Abortion Pills are nausea, weakness, fever/chills, bleeding, clotting, cramping, diarrhea, dizziness, and vomiting. The serious side effects which can be 4experinced are infection and hemorrhage. The side effects can sometimes get worse and hence you may seek to require medical help to get them treated.

Due to alterations made in the use of Abortion Pills by FDA, women are finding it easier to deal with abortion. Also, this method has provided the privilege to women to get the pregnancy terminated at home.  

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