5 Home Remedies to Terminate a Pregnancy in Its Early Stages

Not all pregnancies are planned. Some of them are unplanned and need to be terminated as soon as possible. Despite all religious and moral debates, a woman terminates a pregnancy for various reasons like financial problems, life situation, age, medical reasons, etc.

Such an unwanted pregnancy can be terminated medically with the help of the online Abortion Pill or by performing surgery. There are some home remedies with help of which you can end a pregnancy at home. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss a few of these techniques that will help you terminate the pregnancy.

Vitamin c method:

The immune system of your body depends on vitamin c to remain healthy and strong. This is mainly found in citrus fruit. This is the most common part of most people’s diet and can be taken in the form of supplements too. One can use supplements of this to stay healthy during a cold.

Hormones are continuously produced in a pregnant woman's body. Many of these hormones are responsible for keeping the placenta inside the body and avoid expelling it from the uterus.

Taking 500 mg capsules of vitamin c every hour will cause natural abortion. You can continue this capsule until you experience abortion symptoms like bleeding and then stop dosing of this medicine.

Excessive bouts exercise:

Your body is working continuously to ensure that your baby is growing healthily. Any stress on your body at this time can cause an early abortion. Many doctors allow women to perform a light exercise, but heavy or extreme workout can lead to miscarriage.

This mostly occurs in women who run for longer hours on a treadmill and don’t follow a proper diet on a timely basis. One must keep one thing in mind that you will be exerting a lot of energy in this and might become sick after the process.

Black Cohosh:

This is an herbal plant that you will find in your local grocery store. This potent herb is available in many colors with red and black being more common.

Essentially, this medicine is used during labor. This is also used to decrease menopause symptoms. This herb will work by manipulating the level of estrogen and causing an abortion.

The dosing frequency with this medicinal herb is after every 20 minutes until the fetus has been expelled.


Cinnamon is one of the most delicious spices that you can use in your tea and food. But what many people don’t know about cinnamon is this can lead to a natural miscarriage. The reasoning behind this is still unclear, but still many women state that cinnamon has helped them to terminate a pregnancy. This spice is considered as the most efficient in terminating a pregnancy naturally.


This is one of the most popular holistic methods that are used in the treatment of numerous health issues. This method will allow energy to flow through your body freely. This is considered as one of the ways of cleaning your body impurities. Pressure applied to certain points will cause hormonal changes and will lead to early abortion.

These are free home remedies that you can try implementing rather than order online MTP kit to terminate a pregnancy in its early stages. Make sure to consult with your doctor before trying any of this remedy to terminate a pregnancy.

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