Chances of getting pregnant and infection after Medical termination

May it be a medical abortion or surgical abortion, it can affect your mental as well physically and may exhaust you. It is necessary that you do give some time so that your body can get healed after abortion. While you are on Abortion Pills online it helps you to remove the embryonic tissues from the uterus. The whole process takes 2-3 days’ time so that it can help the body of women to get fully recovered. After you have an abortion your cervix and uterus gets more susceptible to infection for a specific period.

Infection after abortion

There are millions of women, those who use Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill so that it can help them to abort the pregnancy. Medical abortion is one of the safest and easiest method which can be used to terminate the pregnancy at the fingertips. 
Both the pills work by ripening and softening the cervix and this helps to pass the tissues smoothly. 

After having an abortion, the body of woman heals and inserting anything in the vagina while the woman is still healing from the process can expose her uterus or cervix to the bacteria which causes infection.

This is one of the why women is asked to have a shower instead of the bath while they are healing. During this time, it is also advised that no penetration must be taken. Instead, during such time, women are also suggesting that they stay away from the indulging in sexual activity.

Follow up after an abortion

If women have terminated with the help of online Cytotec and Misoprostol pills then she will have to visit the clinic after or 4 weeks for a check-up. During this time your health care provider will check the healing process.

While you have a checkup, you can ask your queries regarding sexual activity and if she/he gives you okay then you resume this activity. 

After 6 weeks of termination, women can expect their first menstrual. If any sign of infection is noticed or if women do not get her periods within 6 weeks, then it is suggested to seek medical help from the health care provider. 

Pregnancy after abortion

After you have an abortion with termination pills as your genitals get easily vulnerable to infection, there are also chances that you can get easily pregnancy. If women have unprotected sex or accidental vaginal contact with semen then you can simply get pregnant. 

Intercourse during the healing time can interrupt the healing process and can lead to infection. 

Once you have an abortion you can resume sexual intercourse after two or three weeks or if your health care provider says okay after the follow-up.  If a woman is supposed to indulge in sexual activity than she needs to be on birth control pills so that she can avoid getting pregnant again. 

It is necessary that these measures and precautions are taken as this helps them to avoid any sort of complications after they have an abortion. Also, certain things do affect the healing process and slow- downs the process of healing.  

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