Why is an ultrasound test mandatory before medical abortion?

Millions of women do get pregnant each year and out of this some of them do have an unplanned pregnancy. Dealing with unplanned pregnancy becomes important so that it can help women to get rid of the pregnancy. A home pregnancy test is the one in which women do rely on, though this method helps women to get the accurate results still women are suggested to have an ultrasound test. An ultrasound test is performed under the supervision of the health care provider so that it can help women to the gestation period of pregnancy to terminate the pregnancy. Termination performed with online Abortion Pills is the best method to get rid of the pregnancy.

Eligibility to have a medical termination

Medical termination process can be performed easily, but there are some conditions which you need to fulfill to get the termination done with the Abortion Pills. Following are the eligibility criteria which you may need to fit in to make the use of abortion:

Your age should not be more than 18 years and should be less than 35 years.

The nature of pregnancy should be confirmed (no ectopic pregnancy can be terminated with the help of pregnancy termination pills).

The intrauterine device from the body should be removed.

Women should be allergic to online Mifepristone or Misoprostol pills.

How does an ultrasound test help women?

An ultrasound test is performed so that it can help women to know the exact development of the fetus. Also, this test is performed so that it can help women to know about the multiple pregnancies which they have. When an ultrasound test is performed it helps the doctor to prescribe the better Abortion Pills which can help you terminate the pregnancy. 

An ultrasound test is one of the accurate methods as compared to any other method. One of the important aspects of this method is, it is performed without inserting any instruments in your body and is a non-invasive method of terminating the pregnancy. 

How can an ultrasound test help women while having a medical abortion?

An ultrasound test is one of the important tests which are performed before and after having a termination. This non-invasive method helps women to know the gestation period before the pregnancy is being terminated. Once the women know about the exact length of the pregnancy, it helps women to choose the right Abortion Pill for pregnancy termination. 

After you have a pregnancy termination this test helps women to conclude the results of termination. Having an ultrasound test helps women to know that all the retained parts are being removed from the body or not. 

Whenever you wish to get the pills from the online stores they mostly ask you for the prescription. This is because they also need to ensure that you do use the pills which are suitable for you as per your body and current condition of your pregnancy. Along with tests, it is also necessary that you do take care of all the mandatory things which are being guided to you by your health care provider.

Even though home tests help you to know the pregnancy still it is mandatory that you do have an ultrasound test to know the exact condition of the pregnancy.

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