Step by step guide for terminating early pregnancy at home with MTP Kit

Every year around 56 million women decide to terminate a pregnancy. These women who are looking for some reliable resource to terminate a pregnancy in its early days can buy MTP kit online. This is an unbiased solution for pregnancy termination that will help you get rid of undesired pregnancy at home. Now let's understand how this early abortion kit will help to cease a pregnancy.

In order to end a pregnancy with MTP kit following steps should be followed.

Step 1: pregnancy confirmation

This is the very first and important step that should be followed in order to end a pregnancy. Many women confuse missed periods with pregnancy. Confirm your pregnancy by performing urine test, pregnancy test kit or ultrasound test. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, then think wisely and take your decision whether you want to end a pregnancy or not.

Step 2: choose the right regimen

Once you have decided to terminate a pregnancy, it is important to choose the right regimen for terminating it. MTP kit is a safe and reliable solution for terminating a pregnancy. This kit is comprised of two main medicines: Mifepristone and Misoprostol that are approved by FDA as well as from who as most effective abortion pill for pregnancy termination. These have a success rate of more than 98% in successful pregnancy termination.

Step 3: methods of administrating termination pill

When you start taking treatment for medical abortion with MTP kit, start with Mifepristone 200 mg. This is an anti-progesterone medicine that will end a pregnancy by removing life-support for it. This termination pill should be administered orally 1 or 2 days prior to Misoprostol.

The second medicine is Misoprostol 200mcg can be administered either buccally or vaginally, as per suggested by your doctor. Doctors suggest vaginal administration over oral. This medicine has prostaglandin properties that are responsible for causing dilation. This medicine will cause dilating of the cervix and uterine linings to eliminate the dead fetus.

Step 4: after effects management

The use of MTP kit will cause effects like cramping and bleeding. These after-effects are expected and are confirmation of the abortion process. If you don’t spot these after effect consult with your doctor as there are possibilities that you still be pregnant.

Apart from this, a woman will experience side effects that include cold, mild fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, sickness, weakness, abdominal pain, etc.

All these after-effects of abortion pills are temporary and they end along with the termination process. If the pain caused by them is unbearable, you can use other medicines to manage them. If these side effects severe and continued for a longer period, consult with your doctor as this can be an indication of infection.

Step 5: termination confirmation at the clinic

Observing cramping and bleeding after using the online MTP kit is a primary indication of abortion. But it is suggested that a person should visit a clinic to conduct an ultrasound test or pelvic examination of successful abortion.

Follow all these steps in order to end a pregnancy at home without causing any complications.

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