Importance of contraceptives after having an abortion process

Contraceptive choices are the one which is to be taken care of after you have an abortion. Due to the abortion process, your body puts a lot of dilemmas in women. The body of women does react differently and hence taking help from the contraceptives is one of the best options.

Below are some of the contraceptive methods which women can stick to if she doesn’t want to get pregnant again.

Birth control pills and vaginal rings

After one undergoes a clinical abortion, it is necessary that the contraception is being taken immediately after that or after five days of the process. It is advised to monitor the bleeding and the recovery process and then wait for 5 days before any sort of contraceptive is being induced if you have had a clinical abortion.

In case if you have bought online Abortion Pills for medical termination and used both the pills, then you can use the contraceptive after using Misoprostol pill or can similarly wait for 5 days.

Intrauterine contraceptive device

If you have a clinical abortion, then you can immediately after a day of abortion can place this device in your body. To be on a safer side you can have a visit to the clinic and then check with the recovery and place the device in your body.

If you had a medical abortion, then the IUD can be placed any time after the passage of the vagina is termed perfect, usually, women do prefer to administrate the IUD after having a clinical test.

Diaphragms, cervical caps, and spermicide

After you have clinical abortion diaphragms can be immediately used after the first-trimester abortion. If women are planning sexual intercourse with a partner, then they can use the cervical cap to avoid having an unplanned pregnancy. If the women are having second-trimester pregnancy, it is necessary that she waited for 4 weeks and then decide which method of contraceptive she can fit in.

After having medical abortion women can start using the contraceptive methods as soon as she plans to have intercourse.

Fertility awareness method

After having clinical as well as medical abortion women are suggested to wait for at least three menstrual cycles to pass and let the normal pattern be resumed. But for the time being, women are suggested to seek a backup which can help them to avoid the pregnancy.


If after having clinical abortion women do want to have sterilization, then this can be adapted anytime once the women and her partner mutually agree. Such a process requires a lot of visits to the clinic so that a proper checkup can be made and help you to get the desired results.

In case of medical abortion with online Cytotec pill women can opt for sterilization process once the abortion process gets completed. The sterilization process can opt once the women and her partner mutually agree to it.

There are methods such as Abortion Pills which can help women to get rid of the pregnancy, but doctors to prescribe women do stick to contraceptive so that the pain of the abortion does not hinder their schedule. Due to medical abortion, even women have to go through a lot of pain and hence to deal with it women are suggested to take prevention prior so that the termination process can be avoided.

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