History of Abortion Pill and laws

For a long time, medicines have been introduced to cause abortion in women. A combination of pills is being used so that it can help women to get the uterus empty. The agents in this Abortion Pills are anti-progesterone elements and prostaglandin elements. In the United States, Mifepristone pill is being sold under the brand name Mifeprex. This medicine can soften and dilate the cervix so that it can lead to placental detachment. 

The second pill which is Misoprostol is a prostaglandin pill and is also being sold under the brand name Cytotec. This pill causes contraction and expels the pregnancy tissue by ripening cervix.  After administrating this Abortion Pills online women are likely to empty the womb.

Progress of pregnancy termination pills

During the year 1980, Mifepristone was introduced and this medicine was sold under the brand name Mifeprex and Generic RU-486. These pills were initially used to terminate the pregnancy and it was concluded that this termination pill works by blocking the progesterone hormones. This medicine binds to the hormone receptors.

In the year 1985 Mifeprex, was discovered to sensitize the smooth muscle of the uterus to prostaglandin. The administration of Mifeprex accompanied by Cytotec lead to successful results of termination from 80-95 percent.

In 1988 Mifepristone was licensed in France and was prescribed to use along with Misoprostol. 

In 1994 the company named Roussel-Uclaf which owner the Ru-486 conducted the clinical trials so that this medicine, seek an FDA approval for terminating the pregnancy.

In 1996 the FDA has indicated the safe and effective pill for terminating the pill, but the final approval was stalled.

In 19999 over 3 million females used this combination of Abortion Pills. But during that time 600mg of Mifeprex followed by 400mcg of Misoprostol was suggested and this was approved in September 2000.

Based on the clinical evaluations, the FDA has updated the label of the Mifepristone and reduced the dose from 600mg to 200mg and deemed to be safer and beneficial to end the pregnancy during the year March 2016.

Abortion laws and access to abortion

While the idea of medical abortion as discovered and introduced the world was divided into two views, first were in the favor (pro-choice) and others were against (pro-life). Due to this abortion has become one of the most discussed topics. While some of the people complained against the women’s choice to end the pregnancy, others supported it, saying that women should have control over her body and pregnancy.

Ban increase risk

From the year 2009, there were lots of banned imposed on abortion. Some of the clinics were shut down due to this.

Still, there was a hope

Because some of the NGO’s were established so that it can help those women were in need of termination. These clinics dispensed provided free Abortion Pills and also made the women available with right reproductive care and due to this, some were still raging the court wars.

The fights and arguments between pro-choice and pro-life cannot easily be stopped. But is completely the choice of the women, whether she wants to access the online Mifeprex for termination or not. As if now due to the availability of Abortion Pills online on the online store it has become easier for women to have access to the Abortion Pills.

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