Types of cervical fluids which woman should know about

There are certain fluids that flow via the vagina and these fluids are cervical fluids. There are certain fluids which are not harmful and it is necessary that you do know which fluid can prove to be a risky one for you. Also, there are some types of mucus which can help you know whether you are pregnant or not. Knowing the symptoms of pregnancy is one of the important factors as this helps you decide during the initial stage whether you have to continue with the pregnancy or have to terminate with the help of online Abortion Pills.

Following are the different types of discharge which can help you to know about the pregnancy.

Mucosal discharge

While a woman is pregnant, it is common that blood flows towards the cervical area more. There are chances that there may be an increase in discharge flowing from the vagina which through the cervical area. Such type or fluids that flow from the vagina are not harmful and during pregnancy, such fluids do flow. Most of the women can experience the flow of discharge during the third trimester and it looks milky as well can smell like musk at times. It is necessary that you do keep your vagina clean and in case the discharge turns out to be yellowish or green or have strong odor then you need to seek help from the doctor. 

Mucus plug

Show or mucus plug is the one which helps to seal the cervix so that it can help you prevent bacterial infections. Such type of discharge usually flows during the first trimester. This fluid is generally clear or slightly pink in color as well it can be sticky or of straggly consistent. If you are not aware of the pregnancy and are experiencing such type of discharge, then you need to take a test to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. If you do not wish to continue with the pregnancy, you can simply opt for the online Mifeprex pill. Along with the fluids if the bleeding is being noticed that you need to make sure that you do seek help from the health care provider.


During the first trimester, most of the women experience spotting but the spotting is completely different from bleeding. Spotting can be pink or brown, but if it is of red color, then you need to check with your physician as soon as possible. During the first trimester, spotting can be experienced due to many of the reasons and it can be sexual intercourse or a small cut in your vagina. Make sure that you do not have bleeding as experiencing bleeding is one of the indications of having an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

Yeast infection

The PH level of the vagina gets disturbed when you are pregnant and it is natural. During such time it gets sensitive and can cause infection this can also sometimes lead to infection. During the second trimester, most women do experience such a problem. If the yeast infection arises during the pregnancy then it may take time to get treated. While you wash the genital area, you need to make sure that you move your hand from front to back and not from back to front. If during pregnancy, you do experience the yeast infection you need to seek medical help.

Amniotic fluid

This fluid is also known as liquor and such type of cervical mucus can pass during any time. Such types of fluid mostly pass during the second trimester and this fluid is clear, light pink or white in color.  In some cases, this fluid can also be yellowish or green in color. If you suspect amniotic fluid during the early stages, then you need to seek help from a health care provider.

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