Various types of abortion that are important to be known

The term abortion usually defines the end of the pregnancy before the gestation period of 28 weeks. If women prefer to have an abortion before 12 weeks, then it is referred to as early termination of pregnancy, which is been carried out with the help of online Abortion Pills. There are many other types of abortion and it is necessary that women do seek termination with the prescribed method.

Following are some types of abortion

Threatened abortion

A threatened abortion is vaginal bleeding, which occurs during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Such type of abortion is accompanied by abdominal cramps and these symptoms indicate that a miscarriage is possible due to which such type of abortion is called a threatened abortion or threatened miscarriage. During such time while having the vaginal examination you can come across that the cervix is closed. 25-50% of threatened abortion results in loss of the pregnancy.

Inevitable abortion

Inevitable abortion refers to the presence of the partially open cervix and bleeding during the first-trimester pregnancy. While having such type of abortion women can experience both vaginal bleeding and cramp like lower abdominal pain.

Incomplete abortion

Those women who have an incomplete abortion can experience vaginal bleeding, cramp-like pain, and cervical dilation. Those women who have an incomplete abortion have a partial abortion wherein the conception parts do not pass completely and hence continuing with such type of pregnancy can give rise to birth defects. If women do have an incomplete abortion, then it is necessary that such type of pregnancy is being terminated completely as continuing with such pregnancy can lead to birth defects.

A complete abortion

While women have a complete abortion, they can experience that the conception parts are been expelled completely and even the test doesn’t result positive. After the conception is been passed into the uterus contracts and the bleeding gets little light and the cervix closes. Such type of abortion helps women to completely expel the fetus from the body.

Missed abortion

Missed abortion describes that the fetus must have died, but the conception has not yet passed for some weeks. If women have missed abortion, then the dilation and curettage become a problem. If such is a case, then women are suggested that fibrinogen levels should be checked on a weekly basis unless the fetus and placenta are been expelled from the body.

Recurrent abortion

When a woman has three consecutive spontaneous abortions, such cases are referred to as recurrent abortion. The causes behind women having a recurrent abortion are a genetic error, anatomic abnormalities of the genetic tract, infection, hormonal abnormalities or systematic disease. Such cases are not cases of infertility.

There are different types of abortion or miscarriage and once they occur, it is necessary that women do know about it. If you prefer early termination of pregnancy, then this can be done with the help of MTP kit online as well you can even opt for surgical termination if the gestation period of your pregnancy is more than 10 weeks.

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