Does abortion lead to depression and fertility?

Sometimes pregnancy becomes a topic for women, which she does not seem happy with. Every woman wishes to get pregnant and want to experience the motherhood. There are some women who do not wish to continue with the pregnancy and prefer termination due to some reason. Abortion is tough as well as emotional and physically painful. Many of the women during making the decision of the termination think they would regret, but most of the women have reported after using online Abortion Pills for termination they felt relieved.

There are women who think using medical termination can result in infertility and depression.

Infertility due to abortion

Using termination pills result in some of the side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and high fever. These side effects are temporary and they get vanished after the process of termination gets completed. Certain side effects get severe but they can be treated with the help of medicines and hence do not have any effect on your fertility. 
Abortion Pills do not have any impact on your future pregnancies. Even after using these pills for termination your fertility does not get affected. There are cases where the woman can get pregnant soon after having a termination and hence this is one of the reasons why women are recommended to use contraceptives after having an abortion. After having abortion usually, women resume with the menstrual periods within 2-3 months.

Depression due to medical termination

Medical abortion and depression are two different things, but in some women, abortion can lead to depression. Women those who are not ready to terminate the pregnancy or who are forced due to some reason to terminate the pregnancy mostly face the problem of depression. Some of the women face depression, whereas some get relieved after having a termination.

Pregnancy is a stage which changes the whole life of women and if women have an unplanned pregnancy, then it creates a hurdle on her path. When a woman is terminating the pregnancy every time the baby is not the reason, but sometimes it can be time. If the time is not right for women and if she has planned her pregnancy for later days, then this reason can make the women terminate the pregnancy.

There are many of the couples who plan the pregnancy accordingly and the unplanned pregnancy brings the burden to their shoulder.

Abortion should always be the decision of women and it is necessary that if women have depression after having an abortion, then she can follow the below-given tips:

  • Talk to your doctor about your abortion decision.
  • Make sure that you do share your experience with someone so that your emotions do not be only up to you.
  • Pamper yourself with the things which you love the most
  • If you are not assured about the fertility after abortion discuss this with your healthcare provider so that they can help you know that Abortion Pills do not have any impact on your fertility.
  • Medical termination is one of the safest methods to deal with abortion and dealing with depression during such time depends on one’s choice.

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