Are there possibilities that women miss the period and she is not pregnant?

Women whenever miss the periods the first question which comes to her mind is pregnant. There are many of the cases where women are not pregnant even after missing periods. A menstrual cycle of a woman tells a lot about the changes that women’s body undergoes thorough. While women have a menstrual cycle, there are lots of hormonal changes that take place and have an effect on the reproductive system. When a woman is sexually active and if she misses the period there are chances that women can be pregnant. 

Pregnancy can be one of the reasons behind delayed or absent of the menstrual cycle. There are many cases wherein it was reported absence of menstrual cycle for a few months and also it is considered to be common. 

Following are some of the reasons behind women missing her menstrual cycles


Stress is one of the factors which disturbs the number of physiological processes and it also includes women’s period. Menstruation is a natural mechanism and when the stress triggers the hormones signal to the body that the body is not ready for the process. Increase in the cortisol levels due to mental tension it leads to an alteration in sugar level in the body and suppresses the ovulation. 

Many of the times stress is the reason behind missing menstrual cycles.

Exercises and change in daily routine

If you carry out extensive workout this can cause physical stress and result in a late menstrual cycle. If you have started recently working out or cycling to the work, then you can expect the period to be late.

Health disorder

Women those who have health disorder related to diabetes, thyroid and much other disorder can also experience delayed periods. Every disorder which is capable of bringing the hormonal fluctuation can have an effect on the menstrual cycle.  If you have health issues, then you need to seek medical health before any of the disorder proceeds to the advanced stages.

Hormonal pills

Many of the women use hormonal pills so that they can regularize to keep a track of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes the consumption of the synthetic forms of the female hormones is also the reason behind having delayed periods. 


Towards the end of the fertile period, women’s body goes under lots of changes and this has a direct effect on your menstrual cycle. During the early phase of menopause, women can experience an irregular period and after some months she may not get the periods anymore. If you have no periods for consecutive 12 months, then you are considered to be menopause.

If you have delayed period, then you are prescribed to have a test to confirm what is the case. If you have delayed periods and have an unplanned pregnancy, you can terminate the pregnancy with MTP kit online. These methods of termination are the best option which you can use even at home corners. Before you use any of the pills make sure that your missed period indicates pregnancy or not.

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