Why is alcohol consumption restricted during pregnancy?

You must have noticed that doctors prescribe women to avoid the consumption of alcohol during the pregnancy as well as during the pregnancy termination. Consumption of alcohol is one of the factors which have a negative impact on the health of women and the child. Women need to understand that the consumption of alcohol should be strictly avoided while you are pregnant.

During pregnancy why do some women continue boozing?

Pregnancy is a stage in life which changes the life of the woman. The way you treat yourself and your body and take care of yourself have an impact on further months. During this time some of the women are experiencing anxiety as they have an unplanned pregnancy. At such times you need conceptions, if you prefer to terminate your unplanned pregnancy at the early stages, it may help but doing it in a later stage and may give rise to complications. If you are concerned about your privacy then you can order Abortion Pills and use them to have a termination. There are reasons such as depression, which makes some women addicted to alcohol and it is necessary that during pregnancy you do stay away from boozing.

What happens when you consume alcohol while you are pregnant?

During pregnancy, women are suggested to have a healthy diet as it passes to the child and helps in nourishment. If you consume alcohol it passes to the baby and affects the brain cells in the infant. There are certain cases wherein the consumption of alcohol stops the growth of the pregnancy.

Other than stopping the growth of the fetus, it gives rise to fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol can affect the brain cell and lead to a mental health problem in a child. Also, it can affect the development of the baby and result in early delivery.

Hence it is necessary that while you are pregnant, you do avoid consuming alcohol.

How much consumption of alcohol is too much and is there any limit which is safe?

There is no prescribed limit of alcohol, which is considered to be safe for consumption. There are different enzymes in the body which break down due to consumption of alcohol and hence it is not possible to predict how much consumption can have what effect on pregnancy. There is much research carried out regarding this. Even if you consume a light amount of alcohol it is dangerous for women as well as the child.

What can women do to stop the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is necessary that you do avoid the consumption of alcohol and in case if you are addicted to alcohol then you can seek help from a medical expert.  There are medical expert and pregnancy care experts whom you can consult and get a solution to this issue.

If you wish to have a healthy baby and the health of your infant is necessary for you then you need to seriously quit the consumption of alcohol. Even if you do not want to continue with the pregnancy and want to abort it, it is necessary that you do avoid boozing.

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