Managing depression after having abortion in healthy manner

The decision of ending the life of someone who is breathing inside you is tough, but you still need to make this decision as this is the only choice you are left with. Going through the abortion process is not so simple and easy as you need to deal with the extreme situation both mentally as well as physically. Even though your choice is definitely at some or the other point has an effect on you and makes you feel guilty. Many of the women have to suffer depression after having an abortion due to guilt, frustration feeling helpless. This situation cannot be forgotten but is equally necessary that you do deal with the abortion depression.

Following are some of the things which can help you deal with the abortion depression.


To deal with any sort of issue it is necessary that you do first accept the things. Ignoring the situation can worsen the condition more and unless the problem is been accepted it cannot be treated. Women prefer to go back to work immediately after they have an abortion. Getting back to work will help you to forget all these things temporarily. Hence, you need to give yourself time so that you can understand your feelings and deal with them in a better way.

Be open to sharing your sorrows

There may be people who know about your pregnancy and abortion and they may try to show your sympathy. The more you try to run from this type of people the more complex situation you will have to face and this affects your emotional health in a negative way. Person those who have battled feelings get affects physically as well as psychologically. The more you try to avoid your feelings the more are the chances that you may feel depressed. Hence, you need to share all your sorrows with your family, friends or your partner. Sharing your feelings can help you deal with the depression and may help all your emotions come out.


For some time avoid going to work and take off from your work. Indulge in hobbies or interest that you like. Set a goal, plan some action and get them done. This is the best way to distract yourself from the depression. You cannot completely avoid the depression as it will take time. Accomplishing all this small task will help you to be confident and will rebuild your self-worth. Overcoming depression is a gradual process and being positive towards it will help you cope up with the depression and guilt.

Move on

Once you are done with accepting the reality you will make an effort so that you can deal with it. Learn from your past, but again and again, revealing your mistakes from the past won’t help you to overcome depression.

There are many of the cases wherein getting an abortion is the only choice. This harsh decision can affect women and this brings the feeling of guiltiness. If you are unable to deal with your guilt, then there would be more feeling which would get added and may cause many other issues. Women buy MTP kit to have a pregnancy termination and after they have a pregnancy termination, they regret due to a decision. Depression is one of the outcomes which affects and it is necessary that you do manage your feelings.

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