Cytotec- The perfect solution for unplanned pregnancy termination

The missing periods gives a woman thought of pregnancy news. Even if women are confirmed with her pregnancy, she cannot assure the gestation period unless she has ultrasound tests. It is very important that you do calculate the gestation period of your pregnancy. It is even more important to know the gestation period if you wish to terminate the pregnancy with the help of medicines. Women prefer to get Abortion Pills online as this is one of the prescribed ways to terminate the pregnancy safely and at home corners.

When can you abort the pregnancy with the help of a Cytotec pill?

Medical termination of pregnancy can be done easily with the help of pregnancy termination pills and hence you need to confirm with the gestation period of your pregnancy. You need to have an ultrasound test and make sure that your gestation period is not more than 8 weeks. If your gestation period is more than 8 weeks, then you need to stay away from the use of this pregnancy termination pill. 

How to use this pregnancy termination pill for abortion at home?

Cytotec can be used in combination or alone depending upon your gestation period. Doctors mostly suggest women buy Cytotec online along with Mifepristone so that pregnancy termination can get successful.

If you are using Cytotec in combination then:

  • You need to first gulp Mifepristone 200mg so that it separates the fetus from the uterus.
  • After 24 hours you need to administrate Cytotec Abortion Pill so that it can help you to flush out the fetus from the body.

If you are using Cytotec alone:

You need to administrate 4 pills of this medicine in your cheek pouches and make sure that you dissolve them with the help of saliva. You need to use 12 pills of Misoprostol in 3 batches to have a safe termination. This medicine helps to shed the uterus lining and expel the fetus from the body.

Who are restricted to use this Abortion Pills for termination?

  1. Women those who have medical conditions are suggested to stay away from the use of Abortion Pills.
  2. Those women who are allergic to the ingredients of this tablet should avoid using this medicine for termination. 
  3. Ectopic pregnancy cannot get terminated with this pregnancy termination pill and hence you are suggested to opt for surgical termination.
  4. If the age of women is more than 35 years or she has the gestation period which is more than 8 weeks, then she needs to stay away from the use of Cytotec pill.

What precautions are necessary to take while on this medicine?

Only having termination will not help you instead you need to take all the precautions so that it can help you recover soon:

  • Cytotec pill is even used to treat stomach ulcers hence you are suggested while you have pregnancy do not use this medicine to treat stomach ulcers as this can lead to termination.
  • Use of tampons is common in women nowadays and during such time women are suggested to avoid the use of tampons and use sanitary pads instead.
  • Alcohol, grapefruit juice, smoke and intake of magnesium should be strictly avoided. 
  • Lifting of heavy objects or indulging in physical labor should be strictly avoided as this can lead to heavy bleeding.

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