Are there possibilities to have a positive pregnancy test after having an abortion?

Females do seek for termination due to many of the reasons. Some of the women have a termination due to medical issues whereas some have due to personal reason reasons. There are many of the cases wherein the pregnancy is been terminated with the help of Abortion Pills online and this is a safe way to restart your life quite fast. After you have an abortion you can again begin with your life.

There are many of the women who come across positive test and this is because of HCG which is a hormone released during the pregnancy. You can detect your pregnancy through a urine test and once even tough once you are done with the termination the hormone level doesn’t fall down fully. The HCG level takes 2 months to fall and hence due to these hormones your test may result positive.

Normally during the first 2 months of abortion, there are possibilities that you can have positive results. More often it is concluded that this is a false positive result due to the level of the HCG hormones is still noticeable. Hence, to make sure that you are no more pregnant you can have a pregnancy test after 1 month of having a termination.

Are there chances to get pregnant again, even after an abortion?

Yes, there are chances that you can get pregnant again as after having termination your body starts ovulating. While the ovulation takes place if you have unprotected sexual intimacy, then there are chances that you can get pregnant again.

If you think that you are pregnant, you need to have a test and to get the accurate results to make sure that your HCG level is lower. If you have negative results that mean you are not pregnant and also the level of HCG has been withdrawn. If you come across the positive results that mean either you are pregnant or the HCG level is still high. 

Can abortion method fail?

There are very few chances of abortion getting failed and this is due to some circumstances. If such things happen then you can do the following:

Get an ultrasound test

An ultrasound test is one of the prescribed methods to conclude the termination results. After 14 days of using Abortion Pills, you need to have an ultrasound test so that you can conclude the termination results.

Have a blood pregnancy test

You can even have a blood pregnancy test but make sure you have it after 1 week.

What to do if you get pregnant soon after the abortion?

In case if you have a positive pregnancy test after having an abortion, it means you are pregnant. You can continue with the pregnancy or can even terminate the pregnancy. This will not affect your fertility in the future. Even continuing with the pregnancy is safe for you and the child.

How soon can you indulge in sexual activity after having an abortion?

While having an abortion, there are chances that you can have an infection. Inserting anything in the vagina increases the risk of infection and hence while having termination women are suggested to avoid indulging in sexual activity. 

After having an abortion, birth control pills are the best option which can help you to avoid having pregnant soon after having an abortion.

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