Mifeprex- The prescribed medicine to have a first-trimester abortion

Why do women prefer to have medical termination of pregnancy rather than having a surgical termination?

Medical termination is termination done with the help of pills and these pills is the best options which help women to terminate the pregnancy safely at home corners. Women prefer to have a medical termination as this is one of the best methods which help women to maintain the privacy of the termination. Surgical termination is been conducted at clinics and involves a number of expenses, whereas medical termination is a cost-effective method which helps in termination of pregnancy. Women buy Abortion Pills and then use them at home to have a safe and secure termination with FDA approved medicines.

What process is been followed to use the Mifeprex termination pill?

Mifeprex contains Mifepristone as an active ingredient and if you can simply use this medicine in combination as well as alone. 
This Abortion Pill if is used in combination then you need to use 1 Mifepristone of 200mg and 4 Misoprostol pills of 200mcg.

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill which helps to block the pregnancy hormones so that the fetus is been separated from the uterus. Once the fetus gets separated the dispelling of the fetus gets easy. By maintaining the gap of 24 hours you need to administrate Misoprostol pill and this prostaglandin pill helps to contract the uterus so that the fetus is been eliminated.

If you buy Mifeprex Abortion Pill online alone, then you need to use 3 pills of this Abortion Pill and make sure that you do use them by maintaining the proper gap between each dose. This Abortion Pill helps to shed the uterus lining by stopping the growth of the pregnancy parts and then expels the fetus by dilating the cervix and contracting the uterus. 

Who must not use the Mifeprex pill to have a termination?

There are some restrictions on the user to use this medicine for termination of pregnancy:

  1. Those women who have chronic health issues so stay away from the use of Abortion Pills.
  2. Those women who are allergic to the ingredients of the Mifeprex pill should avoid the use of this medicine.
  3. If the age of women is more than 35 years or have a gestation period of more than 8 weeks or have the intrauterine device in the body, then you are suggesting that you do avoid the use of this medicine.
  4. Women those who have ectopic pregnancy should avoid the use of this pill for termination as they need to seek medical help for termination.

What side effects can be experienced after using Mifeprex?

Symptoms that you can experience are bleeding, cramping and clotting and the side effects that you can experience are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and fever. The side effects can get severe, and hence sometimes you may need treatment for same.

What precautions can be experienced while you are on these tablets?

  • While you are on Mifeprex pill you need to make sure that you do not use any of the pills that interactions and results in side effects. 
  • Tampon insertion can lead to infection and hence you are suggesting that you do avoid the use of tampons and use sanitary pads instead.
  • Involving in physical labor should be avoided as this can affect the healing process and lead to heavy bleeding.
  • Diet should be followed properly so that you can make up for the lost nutrients and blood.

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