Which is safer? Pads, tampons or menstrual cups

Menstrual sanitation is one of the parts of regular life for woman’s health. It is very important that women are been educated regarding the safe methods of menstrual sanitation. Pads, tampons and menstrual cups are the three forms available which help women with menstrual sanitation which are been widely used by the women. This variety of the options confuse women as which one is safe to use.

The following description would help you to get bit knowledge about 3 types of menstrual sanitation used:

Sanitary pads:

Sanitary pads or sanitary napkins have been used by women for many of the centuries. This is one of the earliest and widely used forms for menstrual sanitation even today in the world. Sanitary pads are available in different length and also as per the variety of the pads, it has a different level of absorbency. There are also companies which do provide a tiny pad and this is been used by women when they notice spotting.

On the other hand, you have maxi pads which are used while you have heavy bleeding. Women order Misoprostol pill to have a pregnancy termination and experience heavy bleeding at such time women are prescribed to use sanitary pads as this is the best option which soaks the heavy bleeding.

Some women find sanitary pads uncomfortable and not suitable for some physical moves. According to research, it was found that those women who used tampons were preferred to use tampons as well as sanitary pads both together.


Tampons have been used for the past century and also it is being used worldwide within such a short period of the span. Tampons are very popular and same as sanitary pads they are too available in the various sizes. As per their size and quality, they have a different level of absorbency.

As per women’s health care, expert women are advised that they do change the tampons 4-5 times a day and this completely depends on the menstrual flow that you have. While you have pregnancy termination, you are suggesting that you do not make use of tampons as inserting anything in your vagina (even if it is tampon) can sometimes lead to a risk of inviting infection.

Menstrual cups:

Menstrual cups have also been introduced while tampons were introduced, but they are not so known and are not preferred by many of the women. Many women prefer sanitary pads and tampons over menstrual cups.

Menstrual cups are made available to you in two different types. The first one is soft and flexible, which allows you to dispose of after they are being used. They somewhat look similar to the shape of the diaphragm. The second form is made of latex or rubber and this cup collects the fluid during the menstruation and can be disposed of after it is used. 

One of the advantages that you can get with the use of menstrual cup is you can use it for maximum 12 hours which is a longer time than other two available options.

Which method amongst the three is safer?

All 3 methods of menstrual sanitation are safe if they are used properly, but sanitary pads are the safest one as they are not being inserted inside. You can also stick to menstrual cups as they do not contain chemicals, fiber or bleaches which interact with the reproductive organ and cause allergy.

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