Reasons why your periods are late even if you are not pregnant

Delay in menstrual cycles is now a common lifestyle of the current situation. Women when having delayed or missed the menstrual cycles they think it is pregnancy symptoms. When you have an unintended pregnancy, you can simply buy Abortion Pills online and terminate it easily and safely. Delay in periods can happen due to many of the other reasons.

Listed below are some of the issues which lead to delays in menstrual cycles:


The Polycystic ovarian syndrome/disorder is mostly a common reason in many of the cases which lead to changes in menstrual cycles. In such condition, the major hormones called androgen acts. Also, in such condition the cyst form around the ovaries which further disrupts the production of estrogen which is female hormones. Sometimes insulin resistance can also be the reason with the women having PCOS due to which menstrual cycles get altered. You can use some birth control methods which helps you regularize the menstrual cycle.


When a woman is having an unhealthy lifestyle, she can begin to experience a shift in her menstrual cycle accompanied by weight blame. Obese women can face an unusual shift in her menstrual cycles due to many reasons because of hormones. Usually, progesterone and estrogen are the major parts which work simultaneously on the body, but when there is a change in the basal metabolic rate the body becomes unable to produce a sufficient amount of the hormones.

Low body weight:

Due to eating habits, there are many of the women who have a lower BMI than the usual one. Amongst individual, you can find Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia is the two cases which result in low body weight. Having a low body weight not only affects your menstrual cycles but also alters many other natural processes in your body.


Stress is one of the major factors which alters several processes and neurotransmitters in the nervous system. Hypothalamus and adrenal gland secrete the hormones that help the body to respond to sympathetic and parasympathetic processes in the body. Whereas stress manipulates the hormones that result in sudden weight gain or loss. Due to this process, the menstruation process gets affected and ovaries produce less than required estrogen.

Birth control pills:

Birth control pills are the one which contains estrogen and progestin, which helps to control the fetus from getting fertilized. Women who use birth control pills have to wait for 6months so that she can experience her menstrual cycle on a normal scale. Also, the injected and implanted methods, both have an effect on your menstrual cycles.

At times there are many other reasons which can affect your menstrual cycle. This is one even after having a gap in cycles more frequently women can find the negative pregnancy test. This can also sometimes lead to health issues, hence before you use any of the remedies to treat it do consult a gynecologist and seek proper treatment for the same. Seeking treatment can help you to reduce the chances of getting any future complications surrounding women’s health.

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