Mifepristone- To get safe termination with home abortion method

Medical abortion is not a lengthy process as well this process can be carried out easily, at home without seeking anyone’s help. Women prefer to have an abortion with abortion pills online and have termination so that it can help to maintain the privacy of the termination. Also, you can rely on this medicine as they are been verified by FDA for use.

Mifepristone pill is sold under various brands as well it is sold in combination with Misoprostol. This termination pill is one of the best remedies which help in termination of pregnancy. These pills are the best option to terminate early pregnancy. 

Pregnancy termination pill used in combination

Mifepristone pill is present in combination in MTP kit and Abortion pill pack and if this abortion pill is used in combination then you need to use 1 pill of Mifepristone 200mg. This antiprogesterone pill works by blocking the hormones which are responsible for the pregnancy. These hormones are the one which blocks the growth of the fetus. Due to this pill, the nutrients and oxygen are not been provided to the pregnancy parts due to which the fetus gets dispatched from the uterus. After 24 hours you need to use Misoprostol 200mcg, 4 pills, and this prostaglandin pill help to dilate the cervix and contract the uterus so that the fetus gets flushed from the body.

Abortion pill if is used alone

Mifepristone pill is even used alone and sold under the brand name Generic RU486 and Mifeprex. You need to use 3 pills of Mifepristone and these pills are to be consumed one after the other by maintaining an appropriate gap. This pill will first block the pregnancy hormones and then shed the uterus lining and will expel the fetus by causing the contraction of the uterus.

To have a successful termination, you can buy online Mifepristone and use it as per instructions to have an abortion.

Who should avoid the use of the pill for termination?

These pills are used as per gestation period and hence it is necessary that you know the exact gestation period of your pregnancy. If the length of your pregnancy is more than 7 weeks, then you need to stay away from the use of abortion pills. Also, it is necessary that you have a check on your medical history before you use this pill for termination. Women having an allergy towards the ingredient of the termination pill should stay away from the use of this medicine. If the age is more than 35 years or has an intrauterine device, then you need to avoid the use of this abortion tablets.


Mifeprex pills interact with many other medicines and hence it is necessary that you do avoid the use of this medicine with other pills. If you have the intrauterine device in the body, then you need to remove the device first and then use Mifepristone pill. If you are on abortion pills then you need to make use of sanitary pads instead of tampons. Also, women need to take care that she doesn’t indulge in physical activity as this can lead to heavy bleeding or may interfere with the recovery process of termination.

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