Manage your pregnancy termination at home with Cytotec pill

Termination of pregnancy is one of the sensitive topics and no one openly discusses this topic. Termination of pregnancy can be easily managed with the help of pills and these pills are the best and are approved by FDA. Abortion pills online help women to manage the unplanned pregnancy and help to terminate the 8 weeks pregnancy at home corners.
Abortion pills are the best option and there are many pills which help in terminating the pregnancy. Different pills are used singly or alone as per the gestation period to terminate the unplanned pregnancy. Mifepristone and Cytotec are being used in combination so that it can help women to terminate the pregnancy safely and successfully.
Cytotec pill contains Misoprostol as the active ingredient and this medicine is been sold under many brands but works the same.

Consuming Cytotec abortion pills

If a Cytotec pill is been used in combination then Mifepristone is taken first and then 4 pills of Cytotec medicine. If a Cytotec pill is been used alone, then you need to use 12 pills in 3 batches. You need to administrate these pills in your cheek pouches and make sure that you dissolve them in your mouth with the help of saliva. This medicine once gets dissolved helps you to shed the uterus lining. This abortion pill helps to dilate the cervix and contract the uterus so that the fetus is been flushed out from the body.

Women can buy Cytotec Abortion Pill online if she fits the following criteria:

  • Women should not have any of the medical issues related to liver, kidney, heart, uterine rupture and intestinal infection
  • Women should not be allergic to the ingredients of this pregnancy termination pill.
  • Women's age should not be more than 35 years or the gestation period should not be more than 8 weeks.
  • Women should not have the intrauterine device in the body.

Side effects:

This abortion pill results in some of the side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue. Other than this bleeding, cramping and clotting are the symptoms that indicate your termination process. If any side effects or symptoms get severe or worse then you need to immediately seek medical help.

The ultrasound test helps you conclude the pregnancy termination results. Concluding termination results are important as sometimes there are cases which result in incomplete termination and it is necessary that incomplete termination is been terminated pregnancy completed.


Cytotec pill online can be easily purchased from online stores as this helps you to maintain the privacy of the pregnancy termination. There are many of the medicine that interacts with this abortion pill and hence you are suggesting that you do avoid the use of these medicines. Tampons are used by women as they feel comfortable due to the use of tampons, but during termination, this can result in infection and hence you are suggesting that you do avoid the use of tampons and use sanitary pads instead. Consuming alcohol and smoke should be strictly avoided as this can lead to some major side effects. If women have stomach ulcers during pregnancy, then she needs to avoid the use of this medicine as it will treat stomach ulcer but will terminate your pregnancy.

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