Heal yourself after having C-section surgery

A cesarean section or C-section is one of the surgical methods which helps women to give birth to the child. This is one of the major surgeries and also the healing process due to this surgery takes a lot of time. If you have had a C-section without any complication then you need to spend three more days in the hospital to recover. It is necessary that after having a C-section you need to take the health care so it can help to recover soon.

Following are the things which can help you heal after having a C-section surgery:

Take a walk:

After having this surgery, you would be recommended to stay in the hospital for the recovery for 3-4 days. After 24 hours of having the surgery, you would be encouraged to stand and walk. Walking a small distance can help you to avoid the side effect of the C-section like gas in the abdomen and constipation as well the risk of blood clots forming can be avoided. In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable to walk with the pain, but later it the pain will decrease.

Seek help when you breastfeed:

As soon as you feel better you can start breastfeeding or bottle feeding your child. You just need to seek help from your nurse so that you can make your self-comfortable in the position which can help you breastfeed your child. Make sure that your position does not put pressure on your healing abdomen.

Know more about the vaccination:

There are many of the vaccinations which a baby needs to take and this is the right time that you seek a piece of more knowledge about them and upgrade it so that it can help you further.

Stay clean:

There are lots of bacteria present in hospital surroundings and hence it is necessary that you sanitize your hands before you touch your baby. Also, you should not hesitate to tell anyone to sanitize their hands before they touch the baby.

Make a follow-up appointment:

After you leave the hospital, it is necessary that you do follow up your appointment with your doctor within four to six weeks as your doctor instructs you. Also, sometimes you may be called up after some weeks to remove the staples.
After you heal at the hospital you are always suggested to take a rest at home so that the healing process continues. After you come from the hospital you need to:

Take a rest:

Sleep for 7-8 hours if it is possible as sleeping encourages the growth of the tissue which helps your injuries to heal. Sleep helps to reduce your stress level and also helps to lower the inflammation and improves your health.

Drink fluids:

During the delivery you must have lost fluid and hence consuming fluids after this helps you to again have the energy back as well prevents you from constipation. While you are in the hospital the fluid will be monitored, but once you are home, you need to intake an adequate amount of fluid.

Eat well:

Eating a proper and nutritious meal is important so that you can recover from the surgery soon. Your digestive system after having surgery, recovers and hence due to this you need to make some adjustments in your diet.

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