Cytotec- To clear your uterus with best and effective termination remedy

Pregnancy termination or abortion in simple words means ending an unplanned pregnancy. You can terminate the pregnancy two ways, either with medicines or surgery. To have a termination it is necessary that you do know about the gestation period. The duration of the pregnancy gets counted from the first day of your last menstruation period. If you have the first-trimester pregnancy then you can buy Abortion Pills online and this is the best option which helps you terminate the pregnancy safely at home. Also, before using this pregnancy termination pill, it is necessary that women are been educated, more about the pills and use of medicines.

Many of the women ask about the pain felt with during the medical termination, but the pain depends on the following things:

  1. The time that is been passed after conception
  2. General pain tolerance, strength
  3. Mental and emotional strength

Medical termination of pregnancy is a process been conducted with a combination of pills and sometimes with a single pill. Cytotec is most used medicines as a single to not only have a termination but also treat stomach ulcers and start labor.

The process to have pregnancy termination:

Cytotec is used in combination with Mifepristone to have a termination and if these Abortion Pills are used in combination then it gives you the desired results of 97%. If you are using this Abortion Pills in combination then you need to first use Mifepristone pill and then after 24 hours, you need to use Cytotec pill. Both this Abortion Pills in combination help you to terminate the pregnancy successful and safe.

If you are using Cytotec alone, then you are supposed to use 12 pills of this medicine to have a termination. This termination pill helps to shed the uterus lining and then contracts the uterus so that pregnancy tissues are being removed from the body. This medicine is been used 2 ways- buccally or vaginally.

  • Buccally:  You need to administrate 4 pills of Cytotec under your tongue and make sure that you do dissolve them in your mouth with the help of saliva. The leftover granules are been gulped with the glass of water and you need to gulp all these 12 hours in 3 batches.
  • Vaginally:  You need to insert Misoprostol vaginally and so that these Abortion Pills are not been spilled you need to make sure that you go to urinate before administrating this Abortion Pills.


Before you Cytotec buy online you need to make sure that you do cross check with your health care provider for the following conditions:

  1. You do not have any of the chronic health issues
  2. You are not allergic to the Cytotec pill or you do not have the gestation period of more than 8 weeks.
  3. Your age is not more than 35 years or you do not have intrauterine device been placed in the body

Care to be taken:

While on the Abortion Pills you need to take care of the following things so that you can recover from the trauma:

  • Check that you do not use any medicine that interacts and results in side effects with this termination pill.
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoke, grapefruit juice, and magnesium should be strictly avoided.
  • Indulging in physical labor and other sexual activity can add pressure on your stomach which leads to heavy bleeding and hence you are suggested to avoid doing so.

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