Best way to end a pregnancy Abortion Pills or surgery?

A pregnancy can end with the help of pills or with surgical termination. If women are willing to have pregnancy termination, then she needs to choose between both to have a safe early termination. Women buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill online so that they can remove their fetal parts from the body. This is one of the non-invasive methods of terminating the unplanned pregnancy.

While having surgery the doctor first numbs the cervix and then inserts the instrument so that the fetus is been expelled. This surgical termination is quite expensive, whereas medical termination is affordable and looks like a natural miscarriage. Also, this medical termination can be carried out at home.

Here is the brief comparison between both which can help you choose the method of termination:

How far along the pregnancy they work?

  • Medical termination can be performed if your pregnancy gestation is up to 10 weeks. After you have 12 weeks of gestation period the success rate of medical termination becomes low. Most of the pregnancy are been terminated in less than 8-10 weeks so that women can use these pills conveniently.
  • Surgical termination from 6th -20th or 24th weeks of gestation can be performed anytime. Surgical termination only fails if your gestation period is less than 6 weeks.

How long does it take a pregnancy to end?

  1. Medicines help you to terminate the pregnancy in less than 2 weeks. Some women are done even after few hours of gulping Misoprostol pill. As per the gestation period and other conditions, the results may vary.
  2. Surgical termination hardly takes 15-20 minutes to get the process completed. This process included anesthesia and instruments due to which women prefer using medical termination.

Which process is more painful?

  • Mild and severe pain can be experienced while on the termination pill. Especially after using Misoprostol or Cytotec the pain can get worse and hence to manage it you can use some painkillers. This process does not cause any harm or injury to your reproductive organ.
  • Mild to strong cramps are been experienced throughout the process. If the professional is not trained well then there are chances to have an injury to the reproductive organ.

How much bleeding can be experienced?

  1. After using abortion pills you can experience heavy bleeding as well as clots for 9-14 days and sometimes the bleeding may continue for a long time.
  2. Moderate to light bleeding is experienced which may continue for 6-8hours. 

Does any of the methods fail?

  • Abortion pills give you 98% successful results and in case if this method fails, surgical termination can be performed so that the remaining particles can be removed. This is the painless method which can be used for termination.
  • Surgical termination gives you 99% successful results and in cases if it fails it needs to be repeated.

Both the ways give you the same results and hence you can stick to any of the processes as per your convenient. Many of the women prefer using abortion pills as they do not want to terminate the pregnancy under any untrained person and have injuries.

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