Things that you need to stay away after having a termination

Medical abortion is an easy process, but it is necessary that you take all the measures that help you get the desired and successful results. Abortion is not always easy women need to go through the huge emotional ordeal so that she can have a termination. She has to go through many sleepless and painful nights while she terminates the pregnancy.

Following are some of the points that you can consider after having pregnancy termination:

Avoid the use of tampons:

After you buy Abortion Pills to have pregnancy termination the cervix becomes open and this results in prone chances to have an infection. Doctors do not recommend women use tampons (or insert anything) in your vagina while you have an abortion. Having an infection can slow down the process of recovery and can also spell the trouble.

Do not booze soon after the abortion:

After having an abortion at least for 48 hours you are suggesting that you do avoid the consumption of alcohol. Consuming alcohol not only increases the risk of having heavy bleeding but also it interacts with antibiotics and makes you feel dizzier and drowsier. Hence, avoiding the consumption of such things should be strictly avoided.

Do not lift anything heavy:

Some women may not bleed heavily while the process is going whereas some may bleed soon while the process is going. Hence, adding pressure on the stomach can result in heavy bleeding. Lifting anything such as weight, boxes, children and big dogs can increase the chances of having bleeding and cramping. Also, you are suggesting that you do not carry anything from the upstairs to the downstairs to avoid the heavy bleeding.

Consume as much fluid as you can:

After having an abortion, the process makes you lose the fluid and energy from your body. Bleeding, nausea and vomiting can make you completely dehydrated and hence you are suggesting that you do consume as much as fluid as you can.  If you are tired of plain water, then you can have juice or consuming fruits can also help you again get hydrated. Fluids are the one which helps you recover soon from this process.

Have a follow up:

Usually, all the doctors prescribe patient recovery after the completion of the process. Still, it is necessary that you do have a follow up with your doctor there are cases of incomplete termination which require further treatment and such cases need medical help. Hence, to conclude the termination and know about the recovery after termination visiting the clinic for follow up is necessary.

Make use of contraceptive pills:

Even after having an abortion your body ovulates and hence there are chances of getting pregnant soon after having an abortion. Hence, you are suggested to use the contraceptives so that you can avoid to again getting pregnant. Doctors have recommended women to at least avoid the pregnancy for 6 months so that the uterus can get strong enough that it can carry the baby. Also, the use of contraceptives helps you to plan the pregnancy and take your time to start a family.

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