MTP kit- To prevent your unplanned pregnancy

For women seeking termination of pregnancy are normal as there are many of the conditions which make women helpless and she has to undergo a termination. When you buy online Abortion Pill there is nothing so difficult in this process and the whole process can be easily performed without the help of a physician. There are many of the pharmacies that provide you with all the information and guidance to use the pill for termination.

Unlike surgical termination, you did not need to visit the clinic to have a termination. The medical termination helps you to remove the fetus with the help of pills and no instruments are been used to conduct the abortion process. These pills are safe to use if you have a gestation period up to 8 weeks. There are many of the regions where clinics or medical experts are unavailable and this makes women use some methods that can even harm.

Administration of Abortion Pills:

Many of the women use MTP kit and this kit contains 2 pills that are essential for termination. This MTP kit contains anti-progesterone pill and prostaglandin pill which helps you terminate the unplanned pregnancy.

Mifepristone Abortion pill: Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill which helps to terminate the pregnancy by blocking the pregnancy hormones. This pill once blocks the pregnancy hormones separate the fetus from the uterus. Once it gets separated you need to follow the further process. You need to gulp 1 pill of Mifepristone 200mg with a glass of water.

Misoprostol Abortion pill: Misoprostol pill from the MTP kit is a prostaglandin pill which helps to contract the uterus. When the uterus contracts the pregnancy, parts are been expelled from the body.

There are two ways to use this Abortion Pill:


You need to keep 4 pills of Misoprostol in your cheek pouches and dissolve this medicine in your mouth with the help of saliva. This process will take 30 minutes and after the medicine is been dissolved you need to gulp the leftover granules with the help of water.


You need to insert Misoprostol vaginally and after you insert this abortion pill vaginally makes sure that you do not go to the washroom. After this pill are been dissolved you may start with bleeding and expel the fetus.

Symptoms that indicate the termination process is going:

Bleeding, cramping and clotting are the symptoms indicating the termination process. Other than this you can experience nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and diarrhea as the side effects of using MTP kit.

Precautionary measures:

MTP kit online should be ordered from the trusted site and make sure that you follow the whole process properly as per instructions.

This pregnancy termination pills result in heavy bleeding and hence you are suggesting that you do not perform the activities which add pressure on your stomach and leads to severe heavy bleeding.

Consuming alcohol and smoke while on the MTP kit should be strictly avoided so that you can avoid having the side effects.
Consumption of grapefruit as well interaction of MTP kit pills with other medicines should be avoided.

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