Mifeprex- To experience a safe medical termination at home

Medical termination of pregnancy is one of the recommended and non-invasive method of terminating the pregnancy and this process can be followed up to 10 weeks of the gestation period. To maintain the efficiency of the pill it is necessary that you do follow the instructions so that you can have the successful termination of the pregnancy. There are various abortion pills available, but the ingredient in them is the same. You can buy abortion pill whichever is prescribed to you by your health care provider for termination.

There are two pills which are involved in the medical regimen so that you can end the unplanned pregnancy. The first pill that you use is Mifeprex pill which contains Mifepristone 200mg actively and followed by Mifepristone pill you need to administrate Misoprostol pill.

Use of Mifepristone pill along with Misoprostol pill:

Mifeprex brings in some of the hormonal changes which help to shed the uterus lining and separates the fetus from the uterus. This abortion pill helps to block the pregnancy hormones that are responsible for the survival of the unplanned pregnancy. Once these hormones are blocked, it helps the fetus to get separated from the uterus.

Followed by Mifepristone after 24 hours you need to gulp Misoprostol pill. These pills are to be administrated in your cheek pouches so that it can help you can consume it by dissolving in your mouth. This pregnancy termination pill helps you to contract the uterus so that you can have a complete termination.

Women, use this pill in combination so that it can give you 98% successful pregnancy termination results.

Use of Mifepristone pill alone:

This abortion pill if is used alone, then you need to swallow 3 pills of Mifepristone so that it can help you terminate the pregnancy. This pill alone is used if you have the gestation period until 7 weeks.

There are certain conditions which you need to fulfill if you want to use this abortion pill. If you do not fit in the criteria to use this medicine then you are recommended not to buy online Mifeprex pill for pregnancy termination purpose:

  • Women are restricted to use Mifeprex pill she has any of the medical conditions related to liver, kidney, uterine rupture, intestinal infection, diabetes, and blood pressure.
  • Women those who are allergic to the ingredients of Mifeprex pill should stay away from the use of this termination pill, she needs to consult the health care provider so that no complications are created further.
  • If you have a gestation period of more than 8 weeks, then you are not eligible to use this abortion pill for pregnancy termination.


  • Use of Mifeprex pill online should be avoided with the pills that interact with it and result in side effect.
  • Intake of magnesium and alcohol should be strictly prohibited so that it can help the women avoid the interaction of this stuff with the termination pills and alcohol.
  • Use of the sanitary pads instead of tampons is recommended and you are also suggesting that you do avoid indulging in physical labor.

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