Get the fetus evicted from the uterus with the help of Cytotec

Medical termination of pregnancy can be simply performed with the help of two abortion pills and this process is being easily carried out at home corners. Women those who prefer termination get the pills from the online stores and use them to have a safe and successful termination of the pregnancy. Women those who cannot afford to have a surgical termination can buy abortion pills online to have a termination of the pregnancy. These pills are safe and can be used at home corners and women rely on medical abortion as this can pill are approved by FDA and are safe to have an abortion.

Other benefits of using abortion pills

Cytotec is the brand name for Misoprostol and this pill is used in combination or either alone. This abortion pill is not only used for abortion but also is used to treat stomach ulcers and start labor. 

Cytotec pill leads to successful pregnancy termination, even of use alone, but doctor prescribes it to use in combination so that it can give you accurate results of the termination.

Consumption of pregnancy termination pills

Women those who use Cytotec pill alone need to use 12 pills of these medicines to have a termination. If you are carrying first-trimester pregnancy, then you need to administrate 4 pills of this termination pill in your mouth. You need to administrate these medicines below your tongue and make sure that you dissolve them in your mouth with the help of saliva. Once these pills are administrated then uterus lining begins to shed and the uterus begins to contract so that the fetus is been flushed out in the form of bleeding and clots.

If you online buy Cytotec and Mifepristone to have an abortion, then you need to first gulp Mifepristone and after 23 hours you need to administrate Cytotec. These pills used in combination gives you 98% successful termination results.

Confirming the pregnancy termination results

Women those who prefer termination should have ultrasound twice. Once before they have a medical termination to confirm the pregnancy and second time after using abortion pills to conclude the results. Before having pregnancy termination, ultrasound helps women to know the exact period of the pregnancy, which helps them to conclude which method of termination to be used. Once you have medical termination, you can have an ultrasound after 14days of using this abortion tablet.

Limitations to using abortion pills

Also, before using Cytotec, it is necessary that you make sure that you are eligible to use these medicines. Also, you need to be sure that you do have the gestation period below 8 weeks. If you carry the ectopic pregnancy, then you need to make sure that you do not use this abortion pill to have a termination.


There are many of the tablets which interact with this pill for pregnancy termination and hence it is necessary that you do avoid the use of the medicines that interact and result in side effects. Magnesium, alcohol, smoking and grapefruit juice should be avoided as this can interact and result in side effects. While having termination the genitals are sensitive and there are chances of having an infection and hence you are suggesting that you do use sanitary pads and avoid using tampons.

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