Are the myths regarding abortion true?

Whenever you read the news, watch TV, go through mobiles then you are mostly being exposed to the misinformation of abortion. Women buy Abortion Pills to have a safe termination and there are many of the people who spread the wrong myth regarding abortion pills. Medical termination with the help of pills is one of the safest and best ways to terminate the pregnancy and the wrong myths make the women to thing regarding the use of these pills.

Here are some of the myths that are being spread around and hence it is necessary that you know that these myths are wrong and having an abortion is completely safe.

Abortion is killing a child:

There are lots of controversy and arguments on this topic and also the debates are being conducted on this topic. According to the science when a woman is having first-trimester pregnancy, there is an embryo and it gets converted into the fetus during the second trimester. During the first and second trimester, the fetus is not viable which means it cannot survive without the help of the mother then how abortion kill a child when it is not even been developed properly.

Abortion is a dangerous process:

Abortion is safer than giving birth to the child. According to the studies women are most likely to die during the childbirth as compared to the complications involved in abortion. In fact, abortions that are done during the first trimester carry less risk and there are only 0.05% of the cases which need medical help due to the major risk involved. Hence abortions that are done with the help of pills are safe and not at all dangerous.

You can become infertile:

Fertility and abortion have no connections. Women who terminate the pregnancy want to have family not now, but in the future and hence she won’t take any of the steps which can have an effect on her fertility. Abortion done with medicines or surgical does not have any impact on your fertility. Only if you get the internal injuries due to surgery can have a bit effect on your fertility.

Women those who have termination regret:

There are many women in the USA who seek termination and most of the pregnancy are unintended, which makes women to take a firm decision regarding the abortion. Women take termination decision due to some strong reason and hence the feeling of sadness and guilt do not affect them and they may feel that they have made the right decision.

Only selfish women have pregnancy termination:

While you are deciding to have a pregnancy termination or continuing with the pregnancy you need to consider many of the factors. We should believe that the decision of the termination should be of women and this is the way where she can choose the best path for herself. Taking a decision of termination means she is not selfish instead she is mature and have the courage to follow the path even when such myth stands in her way.

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