Positive test after abortion is it normal?

Women acquire abortions due to several reasons and both the medical and surgical termination can be used. In the majority of the cases, women prefer to buy Abortion Pills online and restart a new life again. Having a positive test of unplanned pregnancy brings lots of stress in a woman's life.

One of the reasons behind it is an increase in the HCG level. HCG is a hormone which is usually being released during the pregnancy. You can have some of the tests and confirm that whether you are pregnant or not. Once you have aborted the pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that your HCG level will fall all of a sudden. The HCG level may take time to fall. Hence, whenever you have a test after having an abortion till 2 months it will show you the positive results. This is described as false positive results and the level of hormones in the body are still noticeable. Therefore, you are suggesting that you do take a pregnancy test after one month of having a pregnancy termination.

Can I be pregnant again?

Yes, there are chances of getting pregnant again as the ovulation period can take place after one week of the procedure. If you have had unprotected sex then there are chances that you can get pregnant again.

Hence, you can visit the health care provider to check or you can even use pregnancy test cards to check your HCG level. If your HCG level is low there you are not pregnant and if there is an increase in the HCG level then there are chances of you being pregnant.

Can abortion get a failure?

There are very few cases where abortion gets Failure, but there are chances that your abortion may fail and you might have positive results. If you are unsure regarding your pregnancy termination, then you can do the following things:

Getting an ultrasound:

This is one of the trusted ways which helps you to know whether your fetus has been expelled completely or not. After you use abortion pills you need to wait for 2 weeks and then have an ultrasound test so that you can come to know whether your pregnancy is terminated completely or not.

What if you get pregnant soon after having an abortion?

In case if you have the positive pregnancy test after having an abortion, there are chances that you may get pregnant again. But it is safe to have a pregnancy again or terminate it as per your wish. Using these pills does not interfere or have a fertility problem. 

How soon is it safe to have intercourse after having a termination?

During termination, there is a risk of having an infection and hence patients are advised that they do not have sexual intercourse for 3 weeks or at least the process gets completed. Also, the use of tampons or inserting anything should be avoided. After having an abortion, you are more likely to get pregnant and hence you are suggesting that you do take some of the precautions that help you ease you with the process.

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