Avoiding consumption of alcohol and smoke while having medical termination

The medical termination regimen requires two types of pills to have a safe and successful termination. This drug combination includes Mifepristone and Misoprostol. While you are having a termination, you are suggesting that you do stay away from the consumption of alcohol and smoke.

The major reason why you are suggesting is Mifepristone which is an anti-progesterone pill reacts with the liquor and smoke and have a negative effect on your health. The nicotine in the cigarettes and the ingredients in the liquor have a huge impact on your central nervous system. This may cause gastric abortion pill troubles, dizziness, disorientation, damages the liver and causes drowsiness. Whether the women want to buy Abortion Pills for pregnancy termination or she wants to continue with the pregnancy the consumption of alcohol and smoke have a hazardous effect on the health of women.

Boozing and smoking dangerous during medical termination process:

While going through medical termination it is necessary that women should be conscious of everything. While you are on the moderate or heavy dose of alcohol, it may result in sleepiness, unsteadiness, mood swings, etc. which can also result in the requirement of having surgical attention.

Hence, when you use Misoprostol or Mifepristone, you abstain from consuming alcohol and smoke at least until you get recovered from the termination process. Abortion pills affect your hormones and consuming alcohol or smoke can interfere with the hormonal changes during the abortion process. Another reason you should avoid it alcohol makes your blood thicker and hence are suggested to avoid it.

The fighting craving for alcohol and cigarettes during medical termination:

Most of the people are able to abstain from consuming both, but there are people who are habitual to the consumption of both. If such is a case, then even before you buy Mifepristone or Misoprostol you should stay away from the consumption. If you had thought of terminating the pregnancy medically then abstaining the use of both is necessary.

If you are craving for the consumption of alcohol, then you try to avoid it by consuming plenty of water and eating the right food. Carving for can be reduced by sucking a lemon candy. Another thing you can do indulge in other activities and consume plenty of juices (except grapefruit juice as it results in side effects.

Resuming consumption of alcohol and smoke:

Make sure that unless you have a complete recovery you do not engage in any of the activities at least for 4-8 weeks. Even if the medicine is being flushed out of the system, it is necessary that you avoid the consumption for some more weeks or unless your health care expert permits you to resume the consumption. Any woman who has had a medical termination should make sure that she does not consume any of the both unless the process gets completed.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pills help you terminate the unplanned pregnancy completely and it is necessary that you do follow all the instructions so that it can result successfully.

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