Signs that indicate you have an early pregnancy

The missing menstrual period doesn’t always result in conception. While the pregnancy is the happiest moment for some of the women, some of the women feel it is like a nightmare. Even if you have unintended or unwanted pregnancy then you can simply buy Abortion Pills to end the pregnancy before it reaches a gestation period of ten weeks. Before you terminate the unplanned pregnancy make sure that you understand the pregnancy symptoms, but also to confirm it with your health care provider to get the confirmed results.

Following are some of the symptoms which help you to know that you have a pregnancy:

Tender or swollen breasts:

Tender breast or swollen breast is the first indication which helps you to know that you have an early pregnancy. After two weeks of gestation period due to hormonal changes, you can notice your breast getting bit heavier and fuller.


Due to changes in the level of progesterone hormones women face, tiredness or weakness during the early pregnancy. Also, the low sugar and blood pressure can make your energy down and also makes you feel drowsiness and sleepiness.

Nausea and vomiting:

Nausea and vomiting are one of the known symptoms which indicate pregnancy. Some of the women may feel this symptom during the first week, whereas some may experience it after a few weeks. The level of estrogen hormones is rapid enough due to which it makes your stomach empty. While you are pregnant, you become sensitive towards odors and these odors can make you feel nauseous.

Food and craving:

Pregnant women’s time mostly is taken by food cravings. During this time women are mostly attracted to fried food or even coffee. During the pregnancy due to hormonal changes, women’s taste regarding food may change and their nose may turn to the delicious food around them.

Raised body temperature:

The oral temperature when you first wake up in the morning increases and this tells your basal body temperature. Regularly monitoring the temperature during morning helps you to know whether you are pregnant or not.

A headache:

Due to hormonal changes the change in blood circulation causes constant mild headaches.


During pregnancy, the progesterone level increases and this leads to slower food passing through the intestines and this causes constipation and hence this indicates that you are pregnant.

These are some of the indications that are the sign of pregnancy. It is better that you always be assured about certain things so that you can confirm with the results and you can make further decisions on earliest regarding pregnancy. If you wish to keep the baby, then you can consult your health care and take all the measures to take care of your pregnancy. If you have unplanned pregnancy then you can order online abortion pills and use them to terminate your pregnancy till 8weeks.

If you do not wish to keep the pregnancy medical termination is one of the safe and easiest processes that you can stick to. Also, this process is carried out by the FDA approved medicines.

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