Planning the right age to have a baby

Women's reproductive system is complex but yet it seems to be simple. Before a woman decides to have a termination, she needs to consider all the factors which can affect the pregnancies and pregnancy care. You can easily plan the pregnancy by using the contraceptives and start your family at the right age.

Before 20:

Women at this age are more fertile and riper and women in their teens can have the risk to have preeclampsia if they get pregnant. Women as are fertile during this stage they can easily get pregnant and this makes them physically and mentally weak to have a baby.

Age group of 20-24:

These age group women are good for fertility and there are high chances of conceiving if the efforts are done in the right manner. Women under this age group prefer the comfort and hence many of the women of this age group to avoid situations like pregnancy and to terminate such unplanned pregnancy women purchase Abortion Pills online.

Age group between 24- 29:

There’s no such difference in the fertility at this stage. At this stage, women feel they are settled and they are prepared to start the family. According to the research most of the women prefer to plan their pregnancies in their twenties, but now there is a slight shift and women prefer to plan the pregnancy in the early thirties. Due to this reason, the number of women having a medical termination has increased. This group people do have a medical termination mostly due to the kids they already have or due to the economic instability.

Age group 30-34:

Some of the women at this stage of life want to explore more before-marriage and also, they feel that they are unsettled and hence they avoid pregnancy. Some of the women plan to begin their family or to have another kid at this stage of life. If the women have not got the correct partner and want to grow more in a career than to most of the women in such conditions prefer to avoid pregnancy by making abortion decisions.

Age group 35-39:

At this stage of life, the fertility of the women begins to decline. Especially those women who are 37 and above have a rapid decline in the women’s reproductive system. There are also chances of having abnormal pregnancies and many of other complications which can have a negative effect on the women’s health as well as on the infant. Hence, many of the gynecologists prescribe women to have an ultrasound test so that they know about the complications involved in the pregnancies.

After the age of 40:

At this stage, women face menopause and the chance of getting pregnant are very few. Even if the women get pregnant, there may be high risk involved and many of the complications which have a negative effect on the health of both mother and child. Women are prescribed in the treatment so that they can conceive at the age of 40 but still the chances of getting pregnant are less.

Planning your pregnancy at the right stage and taking all the required measures to help you to start your pregnancy at the right stage.

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