Medical termination and surgical termination which one is best?

You can choose the best way of terminating the unplanned pregnancy as per the condition and as per the gestation period of your pregnancy. Your preference may not matter in case your gestation period is above 8 weeks and you may be left only with the surgical termination option. Medical termination option is available to the women only if you fit the criteria to have a termination. As your gestation period proceeds the accessibility to the pills decreases. During the first trimester abortion, this process gives you the success rate of 97% and to start the process, you just need to buying Abortion Pills online and begin with the process.

Surgical termination and aspiration abortion are the two methods which can be used during the first trimester. If your pregnancy has exceeded 12-16 weeks, then the procedure may have to face some of the complications.

How much time does the medical termination process take to get completed?

Medical termination process:

It usually takes two visits to the clinic and two or three days to get the termination process completed.

On the first day, you need to gulp Mifepristone from the MTP kit. Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill which is used to break the lining of the uterus. This abortion pill helps to block the progesterone hormones that are responsible for the growth of the pregnancy and once it is blocked the pregnancy cannot continue to stay and the fetus gets separated from the uterus.

On the second day or by maintaining the 24-hour gap you need to gulp Misoprostol pill from MTP kit and this is a prostaglandin pill which helps you to contract the uterus and dilate the cervix so that the fetus can get expelled from the body.

Surgical termination process:

Aspiration or surgical termination may require three to four hours primary visit to the clinic. This process includes:

This procedure is being performed with the help of instruments wherein the health care provider will use the speculum to view inside the vagina. Further, the genital and cervix are numbed with the help of medicine. Further, the flexible tube is inserted in the uterus and the suction is applied to remove the conception area.

What are the advantages of using a medical termination?

There are many advantages of using the MTP kit as this helps you to terminate the pregnancy at an early stage. These pills are easily accessible and hence you can order MTP kit online which are easily available in the online medical store. These abortion pills help you to maintain the privacy of pregnancy termination.

Surgical termination gets completed within a few minutes and also this is one of the quick processes.

What are the disadvantages of using MTP kit?

Sometimes using medical abortion results in unpredictable results. It can result in bleeding and cramping for several days after the use of Misoprostol pill.

Surgical termination if is not performed by the professional healthcare expert then there are chances of getting injuries which can result in infection further.

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