Home administration of Misoprostol to have a termination

There are various ethical and moral arguments regarding abortion, however, women now a day’s buy Abortion Pills to seek a termination even though their personal religious belief goes against them. The decision of the women regarding termination should be respected as this decision is taken by women due to some of the other reason has an impact on her current life. Pregnant termination decisions are taken on the basis of practical and personal reasons rather based on political, moral or ethical arguments.

A study has also concluded that taking a decision which is connected to the reproductive parts and pregnancy after including all the aspects have too much effect on their physical and psychological health. Also, while having termination they need to cope up with an abandonment of their partners. There are many of the studies wherein it is indicated that now women prefer to use Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill to end their unplanned pregnancy rather than having a surgical termination.

Research regarding abortion options:

The most common reason why women choose to terminate the pregnancy with medical termination is that this method provides more privacy and autonomy to the patient as compared to the surgical termination. According to the research, at least 48% of women in 100% prefer to terminate with abortion pill so that they need not undergo surgical termination and can have a comfortable and easy method of termination at home corners. As the FDA has approved that women administrate Misoprostol tablet at home without going to clinics as per their flexibility of time.

Method of administrating the abortion pill:

After you order Misoprostol pill you can use it as per the instructions and there are two ways of consuming this pill:


If you are consuming Misoprostol pill or Cytotec pill buccally then you need to use 4 pills of this pregnancy termination and keep them in your cheek pouches so that they can be dissolved in the mouth and then the leftover granules should be gulped with water.


Misoprostol pill vaginally can also be inserted and hence you need to insert these pills in your vagina to have a termination. Make sure if you are not able to do it seek a help form your health care provider to insert the pills. After administrating, the pills make sure that you keep lying for at least half an hour and avoid going to the washroom.

Work method of the termination pill:

After you administrate Misoprostol tablet it helps to first break the lining of the uterus. Once the lining of the uterus gets to break down it separates the fetus and uterus. Further the fetus is being flushed out from the body after the uterus contract and leads to termination of pregnancy.

The result of the research:

According to the studies, there are a large number of women who seek abortion at home and this gives them a comfortable experience. Like women who prefer to have termination can buy Misoprostol online and along with it, she can stock up herself with the food, maxi food and other required things which are necessary while having a pregnancy termination.

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